Difference Between Airlines and Airways

Airlines vs Airways

Have you ever noticed why some of the air transport companies carrying passengers or freight are called airlines while some other ones prefer to be called airways? No one pays any attention to the suffix that is used by the company, and you are happy as long as the company takes you to your destination from one place to another. No one bothers if it is British Airways or American Airlines that he is buying a ticket on as long as he is able to get down to where he wants to go. Most people think that the two terms are synonymous or at least interchangeable. Let us find out in this article if airlines and airways are same or is there any difference between the two.

Not all air transport companies of the world prefer to be called as airlines. This is primarily the reason why many such companies choose to be different. There are some that add the word Air at the end of their name such as Korean Air. There are also many that add the word Air as a prefix before their name such as Air France. Even the word airlines is used differently though most of the companies use the word as a suffix such as Indian Airlines, American Airlines, and so on. There is one company that divides the word into two as Air and Lines as in Delta Air Lines. Thus, different companies doing one and the same thing choose to be called differently purely because of marketing reasons. There are some that feel that keeping airlines in their name is a better option for them, and it will bring in more passengers and freight for them. There are also some that feel that airways is a more sophisticated suffix than airline, and this is why they use it in their names.


There is no difference between an air transport company that is called airways and one that is referred to as airlines as it is a matter of choice that they have labeled themselves as such.