Difference Between Airsoft and BB Guns

Airsoft vs BB Guns

Airsoft is a popular recreational activity that allows the participants to fire plastic pellets or projectiles at each other using firearms that are replica or toy. The game originated in Japan but soon spread to all parts of the world with even military taking up Airsoft guns for training of the young recruits. These plastic pellets are soft enough not to harm or injure players, but the speeds of these projectiles are such that they can be felt easily by the participants in the combat sport. There are also BB guns that fire plastic projectiles but used to hunt birds. There are many differences between Airsoft and BB guns that will be talked about in this article.

BB Guns

BB guns are used to shoot hard pellets that are made of steel or lead. It is used mostly for hunting birds, and it should not be used to shoot at another individual. This makes it clear that a BB gun should not and cannot be used in Airsoft or paintball recreational sport. Game and pest can be controlled using BB guns. Clarence Hamilton invented BB guns way back in 1886, which means they have been around for over a century now. Daisy is the oldest manufacturer of BB guns and the name owes its origins to the size of the steel pellets used in shotgun of the same size.

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are the guns that originated in Japan in the decade of the 80’s and soon became very popular across other parts of the world, particularly the North American continent. These guns look just like a real firearm though it makes use of soft pellets that are made of plastic and do not harm or injure the participants taking part in the sport called Airsoft.

What is the difference between Airsoft and BB Guns?

• BB guns are older than Airsoft guns having been invented way back in 1886.

• Airsoft guns are used by players in an outdoor combat activity where player hit at each other through these guns using projectiles.

• BB guns are used to kill game or to control the pest.

• BB guns make use of hard pellets made of steel or lead whereas Airsoft guns make use of soft pellets made of plastic.

• Shooting speeds of BB guns is higher (91-152m/s) than the shooting speed of Airsoft guns (55-91m/s).

• The shot of a BB gun can seriously harm a human being though the shot of an Airsoft gun cannot harm a human being.

• BB gun makes use of compressed air or any other gas, whereas Airsoft gun can fire using spring, electricity or even compressed gas.