Difference Between Airtel and Vodafone

Airtel vs Vodafone

Airtel and Vodafone are major players in telecommunications sector in India and abroad. Whereas Airtel is owned by Sunil Bharti Mittal, Vodafone in India is a joint venture between Vodafone and Essar, but people know it as Vodafone only. Both are private companies and have become very popular with large customer bases giving a stiff competition to the state owned telecommunications company BSNL. This article will attempt to find out differences between the two brands Airtel and Vodafone.

While Airtel is far ahead of Vodafone in terms of number of customers, presence in circles, and variety of services offered, it is Vodafone that is ahead of Airtel when it comes to luring customers with aggressive marketing ploys. The use of the now legendary zoozoos (animated characters) in commercials has won Vodafone millions of new customers and admirers who don’t’ even subscribe to the company. On the other hand, Airtel relies on superstars like Sachin Tendulakar, Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and A R Rehman to promote its services.

Airtel provides GSM, broadband internet, IPTV, DTH and telecommunications solutions to large corporations whereas Vodafone is mainly involved with mobile telephony. While Airtel has presence in all 23 telecom circles of the country, Vodafone has presence in 16 circles only. Both Airtel as well as Vodafone offer prepaid and postpaid services and both are providing 2G and 3G services to its customers.

Whereas Vodafone has a stronger presence in the metros only, Airtel has penetrated deep across the length and breadth of the country and is no longer confined to some pockets of the nation.

As a brand, Airtel commands more respect and love from the customers than Vodafone that is fast catching up with reliable services.

In brief:

• Vodafone is owned jointly by Vodafone and Essar whereas Airtel is owned by Bharti Airtel

• Airtel has presence in all 23 telecom sectors whereas Vodafone has presence in 16 circles only

• Airtel has a much bigger customer base than Vodafone

• Airtel relies on celebrities to promote its services whereas Vodafone has a smaller budget and makes use of animated characters (zoozoos).

• Airtel offers a number of products and services while Vodafone is mainly involved with mobile telephony.