Difference Between Airtel DTH and Tata Sky

Airtel DTH vs Tata Sky

Airtel DTH and Tata Sky DTH are two of the Direct to Home Satellite Television service providers in India. Though they are in the same business they show some important differences between them. Tata Sky was launched in 2006 as a joint venture between Tata group and Star, a leading media and entertainment company in Asia. Tata Sky DTH is a pioneer in DTH (direct to home) services with over 160 channels. It is endowed with multiple features.

The DTH market in India took a great surge forward with the introduction of the Airtel DTH in the year 2008. The DTH service of Airtel has a wide network of over 150 channels in about 62 cities of India.

Airtel DTH uses the technology of advanced MPEG-4 whereas Tata Sky uses the technology of MPEG-2. One has to buy the starter package of Airtel DTH starting from Rs.2500. On the other hand the starter pack of Tata Sky comes from Rs.1499 onwards.

There are various varieties of Tata Sky packages. These varieties include Tata Sky Super Hit Package, Tata Sky South Starter Pack, Tata Sky Family Pack, Tata Sky Super Saver Pack, Tata Sky South Value Pack and Tata South Jumbo Pack.

There are several advantages associated with the use of Airtel DTH. Some of the advantages are amazing professional installation, installation done using compass, neat looking set top box, fast channel change and affordability.

Some of the advantages associated with the use of Tata Sky include enhanced technology, fast channel change, unique features such as pausing, rewinding. The features of pausing and rewinding are offered only by the Tata Sky Company. The other advantages of Tata Sky include online recharge facility, reliable customer support and of course affordability.

Both are characterized by some disadvantages as well. The disadvantages of Airtel DTH include absence of online recharge option and less transponders. Some of the disadvantages of Tata Sky include old looking set top box and somewhat non professional installation. It is interesting to note that both of them rely on MPEG technology to a great extent and are successful.

Airtel DTH Tata Sky DTH
- launched in 2008 - launched in 2006
- over 150 channels - over 160 channels
- MPEG-4 technology - MPEG-2 technology
Advantages: Advantages:
. professional installation . more varieties of packages
. neat looking set top box . enhanced technology
. fast channel change . fast channel change
Disadvantages: . pausing, rewinding possible
. absence of online recharge option . online recharge facility
. less transponders . reliable customer support
. old looking set top box
. non professional installation