Difference Between Along and Across

Key Difference – Along vs Across

Along and across are two prepositions that are used to describe movements and directions. However, they cannot be used interchangeably since they have two different meanings. Along indicates movement in one direction whereas across indicates movement from one side to another. This is the key difference between along and across.

What Does Along Mean?

Along often refers to movement in a linear direction. This preposition is used to describe something or someone that is moving in one direction. This preposition is always used to describe places like roads, paths, lanes, etc. For example, the phrase ‘along the road’ indicates following the route of the road.

We drove along a narrow lane.

Tom and Jerry walked along the beach.

Vehicles sped along in both directions on the narrow road.

She walked slowly along the road, passing several joggers.

I walked along the corridor, but couldn’t find your room.

The oak trees along the road are very old.

Key Difference Between Along and Across

They ran along the road.

What Does Across Mean?

Across also indicates a movement, but this movement is from one side to another to the other side. For example, picture the two sides of a lake; if you swim from one end to another, i.e., if you cross the lake, you can say “I swam across the lake”. Similarly, crossing the road also involves going from one side of the road to the other, and can be described as ‘walking across the road”. You can usually go across the road at  pedestrian crossings.

The little girl ran across the road, ignoring her mother’s warnings.

The pond was small enough to jump across.

It nearly took him one hour to swim across the river.

We walked across the bridge and reached the other side of the river.

She moved across the country to be with her boyfriend. 

The old man drowned, attempting to swim across the river. 

Difference Between Along and Across

She quickly walked across the road.

What is the difference between Along and Across?


Along means “in a line matching the length or direction of.”

Across means “from one side to the other of a place, area, etc.”


Along implies movement in one direction.

Across implies that there is a gap, obstruction, etc. in the middle that needs to be crossed.


Along the road means following the route of the road.

Across the road means going from one side of the road to the other.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay