Difference Between Alpha Male and Beta Male

Alpha Male vs Beta Male


Alpha male and beta male are two different classifications of males, which carry certain different traits. This classification can be considered as one of the many interpretations of men. However, no other classification seems as striking as the definition of an Alpha and a Beta male. Maybe it is true after all that attraction goes skin deep. An Alpha male can be defined as one who possesses great leadership traits. On the other hand, a Beta male can be identified as one who follows another and does not stand up for what is right and fair, as in the case of an Alpha male. This is the significant difference between the two types. However, it has been said that each male has their own side of being an Alpha and being a Beta. They often switch back and forth with these two characteristics depending on the situation that they are in.

What is Alpha Male?

First, when understanding the concept of Alpha male, it is considered as someone who has leadership traits. Some of the dominant characteristics that are associated with an Alpha male are powerful, aggressive, confident and dominant. This highlights that an Alpha male depicts a particular image of a male who is physically and mentally powerful. Usually it is believed that it is the Alpha males that are on top of things. They are often in control of situations that befall on them. When paying attention to the specific physical traits of an Alpha male, they are portrayed as having straight backs, head held up high, chest thrust outward, and shoulder squared up. However, as we look at the modern setting the description of posture does not necessarily entail that of their status. It has been repeatedly said that Alpha males are always the leader, but not all leaders are Alpha male. This is true, when examining the corporate setting. In this setting, a variety of strategies are employed to get a better position and to survive the fierce competition. Yet it is not always the Alpha males who are able to secure their position and reach for higher achievements. Even the Beta Males are capable of such achievements as a number of strategies are used in the corporate setting. Romantically though, Alpha males are usually regarded as the seducer and the aggressive type.

What is Beta Male?

When elucidating the concept of Beta males, it is believed that Beta males are those that don’t stand up to what they think is right and usually just follow around to whatever the people around them want them to do. They are described as people with low self esteem and lacking confidence. Even in the modern society there are such men who merely follow others, depend on their advices and are incapable of making a stance. Just as in the case of Alpha males, Beta males also display a specific set of physical characteristics. Those who are considered to be Beta males are famously described to have slumped shoulders, with bent spines and heads down.  Regardless if they are Alpha or Beta, men in general have unique attributes that mark their individuality. Some women may look for an Alpha guy while others prefer a Beta one. As long as the man is responsible and can handle himself well, there’s no reason that they will be judged with these labels.

Difference Between Alpha Male and Beta Male

What is the Difference Between Alpha Male and Beta Male?

  • Alpha males have special leadership traits whereas Beta males do not. Instead they follow others and do not stand for what is right and just.
  • Alpha males display confidence and high self esteem whereas Beta males display low self esteem and low confidence.
  • Alpha males have straight backs, head held up high, chest thrust outward and shoulder squared up, but Beta males have slumped shoulders, with bent spines and heads down.

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