Difference Between All Ready and Already

All Ready vs Already

Already and all ready are two different terms used commonly in English language. They are much confused by students of English language because of the fact that they sound identical. Already is a word, whereas all ready is a phrase. Despite sounding similar, they are written differently and also have different meanings. This article attempts to highlight their differences to enable students to make their correct usage while writing English or when speaking it.

All Ready

All ready is a phrase that consists of two words all and ready. This means that you are ready and emphasizing your state of readiness by saying that you are entirely ready. If you are all ready, it means that you are completely prepared (whether physically or mentally is dependent upon the context in which you are using this phrase. When used in the context of a group of people, it simply reflects readiness of the group or all the people comprising the group. Take a look at the following examples to understand the meaning and usage of the phrase all ready.

• With the brand new raincoat, Ethan was all ready to face the incessant rain.

• Are you all ready to face the challenge?

• The children were all ready and raring to go for their picnic.


Already is an adverb that means earlier than present time. It also means as early as now. It is an adverb that is used to reflect something that happened before a specified time. In some instances, already is used to express surprise over something that has happened so soon. Take a look at the following examples to understand the meaning of this adverb.

• The patient had already died by the time he was brought to the hospital.

• US forces have already started to pull out from Afghanistan.

• The flowers of the plant have already started to bloom before the advent of the spring season.

All Ready vs Already

• All ready is a phrase whereas already is a word.

• Already is an adverb that means before a specified time or so soon.

• All ready reflects a state of complete readiness or preparedness.

• All ready is also used to state the readiness of everyone in a group.