Difference Between Anaphase of Mitosis and Anaphase I of Meiosis

Anaphase of Mitosis vs Anaphase I of Meiosis

Separate sexual and asexual phases can be seen in several eukaryotic lifecycles. The resulting offspring of asexual reproduction are genetically identical to each other and also identical to their parents, whereas offspring of sexual reproduction differ from each other and also differ from their parents. Mitosis occurs in asexual reproduction or in somatic cells, but meiosis occurs only in sexual reproduction. Both Mitosis and Meiosis can be subdivided into Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase. There are two Anaphases, known as Anaphase I and Anaphase II, occur in Meiosis due to the two successive nuclear divisions. Anaphase I has few differences, though Anaphase II is the same as Anaphase found in mitosis.

Anaphase of Mitosis

Detaching of sister chromatids of each chromosome is taken place in mitotic Anaphase. Shortening of spindle microtubules and moving sister chromatids to opposite poles are also specific to this phase. This movement is driven by motor proteins. Other microtubules that overlap the spindle also help to push the poles farther apart.

Anaphase I of Meiosis

Anaphase I occurs after Metaphase I in Meiosis I. The duplicated chromosomes are separated during this phase. Each homologues chromosome is moved to opposite spindle poles due to the shortening of spindle fibers. Motor proteins that bind with microtubules regulate this mechanism. At the end of the Anaphase I, all homologues chromosomes stay near the spindle poles.

What is the difference between Anaphase of Mitosis and Anaphase I of Meiosis?

• The separation and movement of sister chromatids of each chromosomes occur in Anaphase of Mitosis while separation and movement of homologous chromosomes to opposite spindle poles occur in Anaphase I of Meiosis.

• The cleavage of centromere is taken place in Anaphase of Mitosis, whereas it is not occurred in Anaphase I of meiosis.

• Anaphase I of meiosis occurs in reproductive cells while Anaphase of mitosis occurs in somatic cells.