Difference Between Anger and Hate

Anger vs Hate

Anger and hate may seem to appear similar, but actually they are not. A lot of people feel angry, but not all would resort to hate. Learning to identify the difference between anger and hate could significantly help us in our relationships with other people.


When you feel threatened of someone that whatever opinion he has you get sensitive, or whenever your ego or your pride is harmed you get resentful. These are angry emotions that cannot be avoided as all human beings are susceptible to these feelings. Anger is almost always evoked by someone else’s actions, words or perceived thoughts that you believe has hurt your pride, your ego. It is sometimes instantaneous as it is an emotion that depends on what actually happened on a certain time.


Constant anger to someone, leaving no room to let the feeling concede can lead to hatred. It is a condition where there is already extreme emotional dislike. But hatred could be directed to inanimate objects and animals as well. As long as it is a very deep feeling of anger and has the temperament of hostility, hate is in the picture. It is sad to live a life of hatred. You are never at peace with anyone or with yourself because you feel heavy inside. Hate makes you resent everything that could be good. It makes people hostile and aversive.

Difference between Anger and Hate

Anger is not hate, but hate requires anger fear or any sense of injury to develop. Anger passes over time; hate, on the other hand, stays and eats up man’s rational thoughts. It does not pass with time. You don’t learn how to get angry, it is part of us and only needs a trigger to get activated, but you can learn how to hate. Hate is a choice. You choose hate someone or something, because you choose to feel that way. Anger is a natural reaction to something causing you pain, so you retaliate. Hate wants to cause pain without reason. You can be angry with someone you love but you don’t love someone you hate.

When you get angry, be angry. But don’t hate. Hate can cause so much more trouble to others and to you as well. It is easier to live a life without hate than living in it.


• Anger is an emotion brought about by offended pride or ego, or physical pain or anything that has wronged someone.

• Hate is a condition wherein anger has never evaporated but allowed to continue and fester. It is an intense dislike over someone or something.

• Anger is not hate but hate requires anger and fear to develop.

• Anger is temporary but hate could be permanent.

  • http://justjen.squarespace.com/ Jennifer M.

    Well said. This is a very good way to explain it.

    I was just trying to explain this difference to a friend of mine recently and she just didn’t get it. To her, being angry was the same thing as being hateful. It makes me sad when someone doesn’t recognize that anger can actually stem out of love, at times. Automatically associating anger and hatred is a recipe for disappointment in life, for sure.

  • asianboi

    I’d define anger as hot. Anger uses you and you just wanna break something impulsively. Hate is the cold, dense, calculating core of resentment after the anger has burned its course. Imagine a ball of coal or some ugly fuel. Anger burns the stuff that’s easy to burn; the coal dust and outer layer, and what’s leftover is the hate that isn’t allowed time to evaporate.