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Difference Between Apes and Gorillas

Apes vs Gorillas

Apes and Gorillas are often confused as one and the same animal. Strictly speaking there are some difference between Apes and Gorillas. First of all it is important to know that Gorilla is a kind of Ape and not vice versa. There are several kinds of Apes for that matter other than Gorilla. One of the important varieties of the Apes is the Chimpanzee.

Gorilla is said to have hair characterized by brown color. On the other hand the other types of Apes are characterized by hair that is black in color. This is one of the main differences between Apes and Gorillas.

Both of them differ when it comes to the other characteristics pertaining to their physical appearance. It is interesting to know that Gorillas have small eyes and ears but a very large face. On the other hand most of the other types of Apes have large ears. Some of them have small faces too.

Gorillas do not have a tail for that matter. On the other hand many other types of Apes including the monkey have a tail part as well. Gorillas differ from the other types of Apes when it comes to their diet too. They also bear more closeness to the human species in their physical structure.

On the other hand many of the other types of Apes do not bear closeness to the human species in their physical structure. It is interesting to note that the word ‘Ape’ is derived from the term ‘Apa’. It is believed that the term ‘Apa’ was coined after the sound raised by an ape. The word is an onomatopoeic representation of denoting an ape. Onomatopoeia is the way of imitating the sound of animals by which some of the new words have been formed in a language.


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