Difference Between Appendix and Annex

Appendix vs Annex

If you have read some thesis or projects earlier, you must have come across documents at the end of the projects named as appendix and annex. Well, normally no one pays any attention as to what the meanings of these two terms could be, let alone differentiation between them. However, if you are going to get you project published soon, it would be prudent to learn the difference between appendixes and annex so as to use the terms correctly and not make a fool of yourself.

Annex is placed at the end of a document and contains information that is a part of the main text. It is placed to make the main text clearer to the reader. On the other hand, appendix is additional information apart from main text that is supplementary in nature and is not stand alone. So it can be said that an annex can be classified as an appendix but an appendix can never be called an annex.

The reason for placing appendix at the end is that it contains information that cannot be placed as main text though there is reference to it several times in the main text. To make it clearer in mind, an appendix should be remembered as appending data at the end that makes understanding the main text easier by providing additional details (with images and graphs).

Annex on the other hand can be a stand alone document which has important information that adds value to the entire document. In general practice, appendix is usually written by the writer of the main text. On the other hand, it is a common practice to get annex written by someone other than the writer of the main document.

In brief:

• Annex is information that makes complete sense inside the main text of the document but is placed at the end of the document for reasons of clarity. On the other hand appendix is a document that can be used to supplement the main text.

• Appendix can be a stand alone document and can be read in its own right. On the other hand the same cannot be said about annex.