Difference Between Appendix and Annexure

Appendix vs Annexure

Appendix and Annexure are two terms that are often confused in terms of their meanings. Actually they are two different words that convey two different meanings and connotations.

An appendix is an addition made towards the end of a thesis or a dissertation and it should contain any matter that strengthens the purpose of the subject matter of the thesis as a whole. On the other hand an annexure is an addition to a document. It is a term used mostly in business models and ideas. On the other hand an appendix is a term used in the research field. This is the main difference between appendix and annexure.

A researcher that works in the field of language for example writes a thesis based on the contribution of rhetoricians to the field of rhetoric, especially figures of speech. In such a case the researcher would include appendix related to the subject matter, namely figures of speech. The appendix can be ‘the list of figures of speech dealt by various rhetoricians of the past’.

It is interesting to note that the word ‘appendix’ has its plural as ‘appendices’. An annexure for that matter is added towards the end of a document indicating later additions to the document. There is no intention of later addition in the case of appendix. This is also an important difference between appendix an annexure.

It is interesting to note that an annexure would also mean a separate or added building, especially for extra accommodation. The idea of ‘extra’ prevails in the addition of an ‘annexure’. An appendix strengthens the amount of research done by the researcher. He can show various appendices in support of his research findings too. Appendices bestow advantage on the researcher. These are the differences between appendix and annexure.