Difference Between Apple iOS 8.3 and iOS 9

Apple iOS 8.3 vs iOS 9

As Apple iOS 9 was introduced at the Worldwide Developer Conference today, on the 8th June 2015, everyone would be interested to know the difference between iOS 8.3 and iOS 9 before installing the new operating system, the iOS 9. Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is where Apple introduces new software updates tricks and tips to the world for their devices. There were many anticipated features by its users so that its devices can work more efficiently and in a user-friendly manner.

Apple iOS 9 Review – New Features of iOS 9

New Siri: The Siri UI has got new look up features like photos, reminders, sports scorecards, weather forecasts, etc. It can understand contextual reminders as we say it to Siri it will add it as a reminder.

Intelligence: Siri is capable of looking up your email and contact information if a person calls and his number is not saved on the phone. This information is not shared but can be disabled in the setting as well.

Proactive Siri: The Proactive feature of Siri will help you get things done even before you ask it. It is now capable of playing for you the audio that you want or even add invitations to the calendar without even notifying you.

Font: The new font for the system is San Fransisco.

Spotlight + Siri: Contacts, nearby location will come up according to time automatically.

Spotlight Search: Searching for content has become wider with this feature, and third party apps can integrate themselves with this feature. It is now located left to the home screen.

Transit in Maps: Transit information has been added to maps like trains and buses to selected cities. Transit has been integrated with Siri as well. Just tapping on the transit point will show you all the information about that particular location.

Nearby: This feature lets you know the information of food, shopping like details on the map.

Home Kit: This feature gives more control over your home automation which also includes Siri this time.

Split Screen: Split screen has been added with the help of multitasking. You can do multiple tasks at the same time.

Slide Over: With the use of Slide Over apps you can slide one application over the other. They can afterward be slided away to continue with what you were doing.

Picture in Picture: A video also can be played on top of the screen in a small corner so that we can view what’s going on with the other apps Simultaneously.

Wallet App: This app will replace passbook. It will be able to support all kinds of credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, and even boarding passes.

Keyboard Update: Now lower case letters will appear on the keys of keyboard when typing. This will clearly indicate when the shift key is active.

Notes App: Checklists and numbering is supported with notes. Photos can be added. A drawing tool is also available to sketch up your thoughts. These features are up to date with the iCloud.

Battery Life: Low power mode can help disable some features of the phone and the device can last for a further time.

News: All the news will come into one app. This app takes advantage of multimedia like video to add it to the news and making the reading experience worth the while. The content are optimized for smoother execution on the iOS.

Car Play: Now Car play is supported wirelessly, which means you can have the phone in your pocket and never get it out. Car play is also able to play audio message.

Quick Type: Now quick type comes with a shortcut bar, editing tools, and text selection using multi-touch gestures. A wireless keyboard can also be connected to an iPad.

Faster and Responsive: Taking advantage of Metal, the CPU & GPU perform faster and smoother. Efficiency and multitasking has increased as well.

iOS 9 Update: The update size is comparatively small which gives it the ability to fit into smaller storage.

Difference between Apple iOS 8.3 and iOS 9

Apple iOS 8.3 Review – Features of iOS 8.3

iOS 8 Features:

Photos: This feature available with the iOS 8 includes a search feature for finding your favorite photos and smart albums for organizing your photos. With the availability of a powerful editing tool, it is just a tap away from making the photos taken to look even better no matter what the user’s skill level is. With the help of the iCloud photo library, we can access all the photos that are taken from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac via iCloud.com.

Messaging: With the messaging feature, it is more than easy to connect with friends and family. This feature includes the ability to send photos and videos where ever you are at that moment itself. It is possible to share even our location and lets family and friends know where we are. The Messaging feature is capable of adding voices to the conversation as well. It also supports group conversations. You can also send multiple photos and videos at once. The ability to message using other Apple devices is also supported.

Design: The Design of the iOS 8 include easy ways to respond to notifications, shortcuts to save time, quicker access to people who communicate more, and mail management. These features lead to a great user experience with the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod.

Keyboard: The iOS 8 consists of a smart keyboard. Typing is made easy with QuickType by suggesting words that are contextually correct for the sentence. It is also capable of recognizing whether the text is for mail or messages. This is done by analyzing the tone of what is being written.

Family Sharing: Sharing information has never been easier. Up to 6 family members are able to share purchases from iTunes, iBook’s, and App Store. These features can be downloaded with a tap and without sharing Apple ID or passwords. The family calendar can be shared to keep all the family members up to date with all the events and to keep the family more connected. Notifications can be sent to all family members who are connected so that they do not need to miss it. The map feature lets all the members know where others in the family are, on a map.

iCloud: This feature gives the ability to work on files from anywhere you are. This includes presentations, PDF files, images, and many more. This can be done from Mac or even a PC. Storing files is made easy with iCloud, and it can be accessed from almost any device. Edits will automatically be updated, so when the same file is accessed again, you will get the latest version of it. These files can be shared between apps as well.

Health: Activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and other related health and fitness apps have the ability to communicate with each other. An easy to read dash board is also available to note all the information that is needed conveniently. It can be set up in a way that important health information can be shared with your doctor. It can also keep track of nutrition information and also burnt calories and inform of necessary measures that are needed to be taken for a healthy life.

Handoff & Continuity: iPhone, iPad, and Mac are interconnected like never before. You can start on one device, break the session, and continue on from where you left off from another apple device without any problem. With this feature, you can, not only answer a call with your iPhone, but also with an iPad or a Mac as well. It is also possible to send text messages directly from an iPad or Mac as well. If there is no Wi-Fi, with the use of the hotspot feature, you can connect to the network.

Spot Light: This feature is capable of finding what you are looking for with the use of context and location. It will find information on Wikipedia, news, nearby places, iTunes store, app store, iBook store, suggested websites, movie show times, and mush more.

Touch ID: With the Touch ID feature, passwords will become a thing of the past as a better way of protecting key information will be at your fingertips via fingerprints. The Apple Pay, which scans the credit card and fills in details will be made safer with this feature. The bio metric information will be unique and it will be safe within the processor. So no app will have exclusive access to this information.

Time-lapse Mode: This mode is the opposite of slow motion where the action is speed up in video with the help of a higher frame rate. This feature leads to creativity and we can capture hours of video and compress it in to a few seconds with this feature.

Send Last Location: When the battery life of the phone is in a critical state, the GPS coordinates of the phone will be backed up in iCloud. This is especially useful when the phone gets lost or when you can’t remember where you left the phone.

Home Kit: With the use of the Home Kit, the iOS will have interactive connection with home appliances. It will be capable of switching off lights, locking doors, and thermostat adjustment with just a simple tap of the phone.

Location Based Lock Screen App: According to the location where you are in, selected apps will be displayed on the screen so that we will not need to go through hundreds of apps, which will save time and effort.

Siri: As you would talk to a friend you could talk to a phone and get things done. For example, sending message, placing phone calls are just a few. It is capable of working with many websites and get the required information or get the things done for you.

Battery Usage App: This app shows you which app is consuming more energy among all apps. This will be a great indicator where we can kill those apps and make the battery last longer.

iOS 8.3 Updates:

Emoji: Apple added over 300 improvements with the iOS 8.3 update. This features the ability to change the skin tone of the emoji’s as well. By tapping and holding down, we can select the skin color and also make that selection a default as well.

iCloud Photo Library: All photos can be accessed via the iCloud photo library by any device and edits can be done by the same as well.

iPhone Space Bar: The space bar is wider than the previous version, and the period key is smaller. This will reduce the error where, when pressing the space key, the periods key will be pressed accidentally.

Wireless Car Play: The wireless car play is able to support essential information like messages, maps, music, and Siri on to the cars dash board wirelessly.

Performance Upgrades: With this upgrade the apps should start faster and be more responsive at the same time. This upgrade has improved Messages, Control Center, Safari Tabs, and Wi-Fi. Third party keyboards are faster due to this update.

Wi-Fi Problems: Wi-Fi problems, Bluetooth problems were fixed with this update from the previous versions.

Orientation Issues: This issue includes the iPhone screen being in portrait while the phone is in landscape orientation and when the iPhone is upside down and the screen orientation was odd. These types of issues were fixed by this update.

New Message Options: Issues addressed with this update include messages splitting, issues when deleting individual messages, message preview problems.

iOS Photo Album: There are small icons that represent the type of photo that is in the album. They may be panoramas, burst photo, time lapse, or slow motion.

Siri Speakerphone Call: If you are on the go, this feature will enable you to tell the phone to call a contact by voice and the iPhone will do it for you, hands free.

Google Logins: Two factor authentication has been added with this update. This will enable the user to add information without an application specific password.

What is the difference between iOS 8.3 and iOS 9?

Features of iOS 9 over the iOS 8.3 Features

• Siri is now more intelligent and proactive than earlier with a better UI as well. It will learn your daily habits and be proactive before you even ask it what to do. It is also more intelligent by being able to find even the Caller ID for other contact information.

• Spotlight and Siri can work in tandem and provide with contact information based on email details and even videos.

• Pass book has now changed its name to wallet.

• Note has support now to add photos, checklists, and draw inside note as well.

• Maps now supports transit information.

• Health Kit now supports features like UV exposure, hydration, woman’s period, and also ovulation.

• Muliti-Tasking is now available with iPad side by side.

• Picture in Picture mode lets you minimize the video while attending to apps behind the video.

• Low power mode lets battery last for longer up to 3 hours.

• The optimization has led to the battery life of iOS 9 to last one hour longer than iOS 8.

• Unlike the previous iOS releases which would not give updates to certain older devices, the iOS 9 is capable of updating all devices that supported iOS 8.


iOS 8.3 vs. iOS 9

Noteworthy features include Siri becoming more intelligent and proactive, battery life being extended by hours, multi-tasking features being added, health kit being equipped with extra features, and transit information being added. These features have empowered the iOS 9 arsenal and made it even stronger. Other application like news, QuickType, Note, and Spotlight have been given additional features which benefit the users. Further, the update size is comparatively small which gives it the ability to fit into smaller storage.

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