Difference Between Apple iPhone iOS 3 and iOS 4

Apple iPhone iOS 3 vs iOS 4

Apple IOS 4Apple iOS is being mostly used in iPhones, iPads and Touch iPods. Apple iPhone was released first to US market in June 2007. There were several versions of iOS being used from the beginning and iPhone OS 2.0 was released in July 2008, which supports 3rd party applications, exchange server, push email and has additional enhancements. Later in June 2009 iPhone OS 3.0 was released, which supports cut, copy and paste, new youtube and many other features. The current iPhone OS commonly referred as Apple iOS or iOS version 4 was released in June 2010 specially supports multitasking, iAd, Game Centre and more.

Apple iOS 3.X was released with iPhone 3GS. On top of the features that existed  iOS 3 came with most attractive features like, Cut, Copy and Paste, Display address with drop PIN in maps, walking directions in map, more you tube features like login, commenting, rating videos, contact editable with recent calls, HD video recording, captured video trimmer, SMS function renamed as messages, MMS functionality with sending images, video and vcards, Find my phone option added in mobileMe, iCalender subscription support, improvements in Safari, Support HTML5, Press and hold to get open, open in new page and copy links, improved language support, Tethering over USB, Bluetooth and new voice memo applications.

iOS 4 that was released with iPhone 4 supports iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS as well. iOS 4 started with 4.0.1 and the  current  version is 4.2.1,

iOS 4.0.1 released in July 2010 came with the fix to reception signal indicator.

iOS 4.0.2 was released in August 2010 to fix some security issues.

iOS 4.1 released in Sept 2010 featured improved battery life, introduction of game centre, supports for HDR Photography (High Dynamic Range Imaging) and introduced a tool called PING to discover social music network.

iOS 4.2 released in November 2010 was not released to public and was suppressed by the release 4.2.1 in November 2010.

iOS 4.2.X introduces more functions and features as listed below,


This is a method of sharing common processing resources such as a CPU to multiple applications.

(a)Background audio – Can listen to music while surfing web, play games etc.

(b)Voice over IP – Voice over IP applications can receive calls and continue talking while using other applications.

(c) Background location – Provides efficient way to monitor location of users when they move and in different towers. This is a great social networking feature to identify friend’s locations. (If they allowed only)

(d) Local notifications – Application and alert users of scheduled events and alarms in the background.

(e) Task finishing – Application will run in the background and finish the task completely even if user leave it. (i.e click mail application and let the mail app check mails and now you can message (SMS) to send SMS while you are on call, still the mail application will receive or send mails.)

(f) Fast Application Switching – Users can switch from any application to any so that other applications will be running in the background until you switch it back.

(2) Airprint

AirPrint makes it simple to print email, photos, web pages, and documents right from your iPhone.

(3)IAd – Advertising on Mobile (Mobile Advertisement Network)


AirPlay lets you stream digital media wirelessly from your iPhone to the new Apple TV or any AirPlay-enabled speakers and you can watch movies and photos on your widescreen TV and play music through the best speakers in the house.

(5) Find my iPhone

The MobileMe feature helps you locate your missing device and protect its data. This feature is now free on any iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2. Once you set it up, you can find your lost device on a map, display a message on its screen, remotely set a passcode lock, and initiate a remote wipe to delete your data. And if you eventually find your iPhone, you can restore everything from your last backup.

(6) Game Centre

It allows you to find friends to play or auto match someone to play with you in multiplayer games.

(7) Keyboard and Directory enhancement

iOS 4.2 supports for 50 languages.

(8) Messages with text tone

Assign custom 17 tones to people in the phone book, so that when you get SMS without looking at the text you can identify who sent it.

In Summary,

The latest version of Apple iPhone iOS 4.2.1 has lots more features and functions than Apple iPhone iOS 3.X. In a quick glance; iOS 4.2.1 supports multi tasking, Airprint, Airplay, Find Mobile, Game Center, many languages and keyboard support, different tone alerts for text, iTune TV show rental, Calender invites and responds , accessibility enhancement, notes with different fonts and better mail client functionality.

  • AndrewL

    iOS4 does not work well in iPhone 3G. I installed – was appalled – and then reverted to iOS3. But now I have an iPhone4, which is great. Andrew

  • ptracigarlick

    How can I find out if my iphone 3 is running ios4?

    • Dylan Russell

      Settings > General > About