Difference Between Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil

Argan Oil vs Moroccan Oil

For the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about Moroccan oil. It is oil originating in Morocco and has been used by the women of Morocco for centuries, to keep their hair black, shiny and wavy. There is another kind of oil that is growing in popularity and is known as Argan oil. This oil comes from the berry of Argan tree, and it has the same wonderful properties for human hair as Moroccan oil. There is a lot of confusion in the minds of women around the world as to whether they should use Argan oil or Moroccan oil for their hair and whether the two products are the same. This article takes a closer look to find out whether there is any difference between Argan oil and Moroccan oil.

Argan Oil

Argon oil is obtained from the berries of Argan tree that grows in the southern region of Morocco. The tree has been considered very important by the people of Morocco for centuries because of its medicinal and other beneficial properties for human beings. Argan tree grows well in drought prone areas of southern Morocco. The tree has root system that grows very deep, and this is the reason it is able to withstand soil erosion and lack of moisture. Because of the fact that the tree grows in very specific areas, it has been declared as endangered and is under the protection of UNESCO. The oil obtained from Argan tree is, therefore, also considered rare and highly valued because of its cosmetic and nutritional values. In ancient times, the undigested fruits of Argan trees were obtained from the excreta of goats and pressed to get Argan oil. These goats could climb the tree to eat the berries of argon trees. However, today the tree is especially grown to harvest the fruits to produce Argan oil.

Argon oil is used for culinary purposes and also for cosmetic purposes. When included in the diet, it has been shown to reduce harmful cholesterol and triglycerides. It has also been linked with reduced dangers of various types of cancers. The oil has been used by women, to reduce flaking of skin and to moisturize it. It is very useful for the nourishment of hair as it fortifies them and makes them grow fast.

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan oil, or the Liquid Gold as it is known in some western countries because of its cosmetic properties, has become extremely popular among not just celebrities but also ordinary women over the last few years. Coming out of Morocco, Moroccan oil is basically the same Argan oil with some additives. Moroccan oil is rich in vitamin E and many essential fatty acids making it very beneficial for the skin and nails of women using it. Obtained from the kernel of Argan tree, Moroccan oil was once found in abundance when the tree grew in many North African countries, but today it has become rare and expensive as it is now being grown in only some southern parts of Morocco. The wonderful qualities of Moroccan oil have become very popular in the western world today and more and more celebrities and ordinary women in Canada, US, UK, and Australia have started using this oil on their hair and skin.

What is the difference between Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil?

• Inside Morocco, the oil obtained from the fruit of the Argan tree is called Argan oil. However, in the western world, it is referred to as Moroccan oil or the liquid gold because of its beneficial cosmetic and medicinal properties.

• Moroccan oil, though it contains Argan oil, has many other ingredients to make skin soft and supple. It contains softeners to make hair soft and light. On the other hand, Argan oil is pure Argan oil and nothing else.

• Moroccan oil is a generic term used to refer to oils coming out of Morocco that contain Argan oil.

• Moroccan oil is mainly used for hair and beauty care whereas Argan oil has culinary and medicinal uses, as well.