Difference Between Army and Air Force

Army vs Air Force

Well, this is easier, isn’t it? Who would think of army to be same or similar to air force, you may think, but people confuse between army and air force when it comes to understanding their roles and responsibilities. Also, there are some who think that air force is superior to army, though there is no reason to support this fallacy. This article is meant to just differentiate between the two important units of armed forces, both of which are indispensable.

There are many who think that army is the sum total of all armed forces available to the leadership of a country for the purpose of defending the territory of the nation. The truth is that army refers to that unit of armed forces that is comprised of armed soldiers and is always in a state of readiness to attack the enemy for the purpose of defending the patch of land called motherland. Air force on the other hand, refers to a special unit of armed forces that consists of fighter jets and other air planes that are capable of providing a cover to the army in case of war, and also to move forward to enemy bases and destroy them with their fire power. Air force has not been a part of armed forces historically, and it was only after the invention of airplanes that air forces became an integral part of militaries around the world.

The importance of air force grew steadily and today their role in modern warfare is considered to be crucial as without air superiority, it is hard to win a battle on the basis of army alone. A country may have very strong army on paper, but its might is of no use if it does not enjoy the support of an air force equipped with latest fire power to pave the way for army. When it comes to penetration, air force is superior to army. There are terrains where it is difficult for armed soldiers to move ahead, and it is only the deadly fire power of the air force that works in such situations. However, despite all such notions of superiority, it is the handiwork of an army alone in the end that seals victory for armed forces.

There is a misconception among common people that only air force has its airplanes. These days it is common for modern armies to have airplanes to transport armed men from one place to another. However, as far as fighter jets are concerned, only air forces have them. Air forces also help armies to clear the ground ahead by dropping missiles and killing enemies ahead.

In brief:

Difference Between Army and Air Force

• Both army and air force are two important units of armed forces, though performing different functions

• While army consists of infantry and armed soldiers, air force is a unit that operates in air and softens enemy bases through its deadly firer power

• Air force operates to clear the targets ahead to pave way for the army

• A superior army is of no use if it is not backed by a modern air force

  • http://www.facebook.com/charley.deisla.1 Charley Deisla

    I would beg to differ. The army has been advancing into enemy territories long before there was an air force, or the air plane was even invented.