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Difference Between Art and Craft

Art vs Craft

Although art and craft are two terms that are often interchangeable in their use, it is for sure that they are characterized by a line of difference between them. You can certainly draw a thin line of difference between art and craft.

Craft work is skilled work. Craft is characterized by the application of various techniques. It also engages the application of the human intelligence.

Crafts involve intelligence and techniques simply because of the fact that most of the craft work is aimed at the production of objects or things useful to men and women. In a way it can be said that craft serves the human purpose. That is why fashionable and produced things like handbags, boxes, hand fans, purses and the like are called crafts.

Art serves aesthetic purpose whereas craft serves human purpose. Art appeals to the human mind. A piece of art like painting, sculpture or architecture requires what is called creativity. Anything that is created by creativity automatically appeals to the human mind.

The well-known British philosopher R.G. Collingwood says that the craftsman knows what he wants to make before he actually makes it. Art on the contrary expresses emotion. Craft does not express emotion. This is one of the main differences between art and craft.

Craftsmanship involves earning money as a motive whereas art need not necessarily involve earning money as a motive. Craft in a way is an extension of art. The converse may not be true.

Whatever is produced by an artist has the ability to stand alone. A craftsman uses his skill to produce the thing that he wanted to produce. In the process he is likely to use a trick or two to get the desired results. Artists do not use tricks to get results. Everything comes naturally to them. These are the differences between art and craft.


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