Difference Between Astrology and Astronomy

Astrology vs Astronomy

Astronomy and astrology are similar looking words that are also somewhat related. This is what confuses people about their differences and there are many who think both studies are same. This is a wrong view as astrology has many differences from astronomy that will be highlighted in this article.

While both astronomy and astrology involve study of movement of celestial bodies, astrology is a set of beliefs and thoughts that movement of sun, moon, planets and stars etc have an effect on an individual’s personality and also have a bearing on his present and future. On the other hand, astronomy is a scientific study of motion of these celestial bodies and is very similar to astrophysics which is why it is accepted as a science. Both astronomy and astrology study heavens but astronomy does not make any predictions whereas astronomy makes predictions about future events on earth and in particular in an individual’s life based upon this study.

It is a fact that astrology gave birth to modern science of astronomy as ancient priests in Mesopotamia studies night skies and the movement of stars and other heavenly bodies. The made prediction based upon these movements which implies that they indulged in both astronomy as well as astrology. It is a fact though, that modern astrologers do not study heavenly bodies and make predictions solely on the basis of all the knowledge that was gathered by astrologists thousands of years ago.

The information and data collected by astronomers, on the other hand is documented and verified by astrophysicists. As a result astronomers are considered scientists and command respect as they try to unravel mysteries surrounding celestial bodies.

Modern scientists consider astrology as a pseudoscience and superstition. But to ridicule a field of study just because it cannot be proven does not mean it is wrong. There are many supporters and takers for this field of study who believe that planetary motion has a lot to do with what a person is and what the future holds for him based upon motion of celestial bodies.

In brief:

• Astronomy and astrology are similar studies of movement of celestial bodies

• While astrology is a set of beliefs and thoughts that planetary motions have bearings on life of human beings, astronomy merely records movements of heavenly bodies and is considered a science

• Astrology is supposed to have given birth to astronomy

• The data collected through astronomy is verified with astrophysics