Difference Between Attitude and Character

Attitude vs Character

Attitude and character are two words that appear similar in sense but strictly speaking there is difference between the two. Attitude is the opinion or the method by which one approaches a given situation. Character on the other hand makes one to do a particular thing even if the world is watching.

Character is the very essence of a particular man. It is indeed what the person is within. It is not liable to change. Attitude is liable to change according to the situation. It is after all a kind of surface emotion.

One of the main differences between attitude and character is that character is identity whereas attitude is a firm opinion about something. Character is built by education. Attitude on the other hand is build by experience.

Attitude represents an individual’s degree of likes or dislikes for a given thing or a given situation. Character is nothing about likes and dislikes of a given thing or a given situation for that matter. It is all about evaluation of a person’s qualities.

Character impresses us for it is felt externally. Attitudes are not felt simply because they are well within an individual. It takes a long time for us to the attitude in others whereas we can sense the character of others in a short period of time. This is primarily the reason why some characters in an epic impress us. We get impressed by the qualities present in these characters.

Virtues that build up good character include courage, patience, fortitude, integrity, honesty, loyalty and good habits. Vices that build up bad character include falsehood, avarice, lust, dishonesty, immodesty and the like.

One of the biggest differences between character and attitude is that character cannot change in a short period of time, whereas attitude can change in a short period of time.

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