Difference between Attraction and Affection

Key Difference – Attraction vs Affection

Attraction and affection are two feelings that should not be confused. Affection is a feeling of fondness or gentle liking whereas attraction is a feeling that makes someone romantically or sexually interested in another person. Thus, the key difference between attraction and affection is the romantic or sexual interest; attraction includes romantic or sexual interest whereas affection does not.

What is Attraction?

Attraction is a feeling that makes someone interested in another person. Attraction is usually used to talk about romantic or sexual interest.  It is a normal human feeling and need. People are usually attracted by the physical attributes of another person. However, attraction does not only refer to interest caused by a person’s physical appearance. Character traits and qualities like intelligence, strength, and warmth can also attract a person.

Attraction is the first step in a romantic or sexual relationship. When you are attracted to someone, you’d be interested in going out and starting a relationship with him or her. Sexual attraction is something natural and essential to the continuation of the human race. But, it is important not to confuse attraction with affection.

Difference between Attraction and Affection

What is Affection?

Affection is a gentle feeling of fondness or liking. When you love someone, you’d naturally feel affectionate towards that person. Thus, affection is a feeling that can be seen in many relationships. For example, the relationship between mother and children, two siblings, two friends, grandparents and grandchildren, etc. We also feel affection for our pets. Although a married couple or a two lovers may feel affection towards each other, affection is not considered as a romantic or passionate feeling. This feeling is usually communicated through words, gestures and touches. Actions like hugging, kissing the forehead, cheek or nose are signs of affection.

Affection is not as strong as love, and you may also feel affection towards people you don’t love. For example, you may not love your neighbour, but you may feel affectionate towards him or her.

Some people make the mistake of confusing affection with attraction when they start new romantic relationships. It is not worth to continue your relationship without either of these elements. Although attraction and affection are two different feelings, both are essential for a successful romantic relationship.Key Difference - Attraction vs  Affection

What is the difference between Attraction and Affection?


Attraction is power or action of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something.

Affection is a gentle feeling of fondness.

Romantic or Sexual Feelings:

Attraction mainly refers to romantic or sexual attraction or interest.

Affection does not involve romantic or sexual feelings.


Attraction is mainly seen among lovers.

Affection can be found in many relationships, including the relationship between parents and children, between siblings, friends, lovers, etc.

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