Difference Between Auricle and Atrium

Auricle vs Atrium

The heart is a muscular pump that maintains the blood circulation throughout the body. The heart has four chambers. The upper chambers are called atria while the lower chambers are the ventricles. Right and left atria bring blood into the heart.Articles are found attaching to atria. Both atrium and auricle have functional and structural differences.

What is Auricle?

Auricle is a small appendage arise from each atrium. There are two auricles found in the heart; left auricle and right auricle. Right auricle forms the rough anterior part of the right atrium, whereas left auricle forms the rough part of the left atrium. Musculipectinatiare found only in these auricles. Auricles are important as they help to increase the blood volume that can be held by atria.

What is Atrium?

An atrium is a chamber that receives blood into the heart. There are two atria in the heart; namely right atrium and left atrium. Unlike the walls of ventricles, atria have thin walls. Both atria separate through the inter atrial septum. The deoxygenated blood collected from the tissues of the entire body enters into the right atrium through the superior and inferior vena cavae. Once the blood enters to the right atrium, the blood then passes into the right ventricle through the right atrioventricular orifice, which is controlled by the tricuspid valve. The pacemaker of the heart known as sinoatrial (SA) node that generates cardiac impulses and atrioventricular (AV) node that passes the impulses to the ventricles are also located in the right atrium. Four pulmonary veins bring oxygenated blood from the lungs into the left atrium. Once the left atrium fills with blood, it is then passed into the left ventricle through the left atrioventricular orifice, which is controlled by the mitral valve. 

What is the difference between Auricle and Atrium?

• Atria are upper chambers of the heart, whereas auricles are small appendages that make rough interior parts of atria.

• The function of atrium is to receive the blood into the heart and pass into ventricles in order to complete circulation cycles. The function of auricles is to increase the blood holding capacity of atria.


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