Difference Between Australian Shepherd and Border Collie

Australian Shepherd vs Border Collie

Australian Shepherd and Border Collie are not only herding dog breeds, but also affectionate pets. There are some similarities with regard to their assigned jobs such as herding of sheep and being a lovable pet to the owner. However, the exhibited differences would be of a good interest to understand, as discussed in this article.

Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherd is a herding dog breed, nicknamed as Aussie and Little Blue Dog, which originated in the United States. They are medium sized dogs; an adult male weighs around 23 to 29 kilograms, and the height at withers could measure about 51 to 58 centimetres. Their coat colouration is commonly black, red, blue merle, and red merle. They have a smooth coat of fur with hairs. There are black, red, or copper colour marks on the face and legs. There is a great variation of eye colours in Australian shepherds, and sometimes the eyes of a single dog could be of two colours, a phenomenon known as heterochromia. Their ears are medium in size and usually directed downwards. They are born with a bobbed, fully long, or partially bobbed tail. Australian shepherds need special attention and good exercise, and they enjoy very much from their works. Their usual lifespan is about 11 to 13 years.

Border Collie

Border collies originated in England and Scotland, and they are excellent herding dogs with a great intelligence. They are medium sized dogs with a moderate fur coat. Adult male measures about 46 to 58 centimetres of height at withers, and has an average body weight around 23 kilograms. Border collies come in many colours, although black and white is the most common colouration. They have beautiful eyes with different colours those vary from brown to amber or red, and sometimes, heterochromia is present in Border collies. The shapes of ears also differ among individuals, as some dogs have erected ears and some have drooping ears. They have a long bushy tail that directs downwards. These dogs have a medium sized muzzle, and an average musculature to the body size and length. Usually, Border collies require good daily exercises and a satisfied mental stimulation. They are good runners and can run more than 80 kilometres a day. Their average lifespan is about 12 years, and they were the first practical working sheepdog, and after that, it became a loyal and affectionate house pet.

What is the difference between Australian Shepherd and Border Collie?

· They both are herding dogs, but the Australian shepherd originated in the United States, while Border collie was from England and Scotland.

· Coat colorations of Australian shepherds are commonly black, red, blue merle, and red merle, whereas Border collies commonly come in black and white coat colouration.

· Border collies have a higher working capacity compared to Australian shepherds.

· Border collie can run faster and learns quickly compared to Australian shepherds.

· Australian shepherds have a bobbed, long, and semi-bobbed tails, whereas Border collies always have a long bushy tail.

· Australian shepherds always have drooping ears, whereas those could be either drooping or erected in Border collies.

· Border collies are lighter and smarter than Australian shepherds are.