Difference Between AWD and 4WD

AWD vs 4WD

AWD and 4WD are two systems used in cars; there are the cars that have inbuilt one of the two systems, and there are also some vehicles in which the manufacturers have added both of the systems altogether in them. Customers have today the options of having such vehicles with multiple variations. For the selection, it is important for the people interested to buy the vehicles, to look for the merits and the demerits of each system.


The system of 4WD is quite convenient to use in the vehicles because it incorporates the facility to provide power to all the tires of a car altogether. It is an ideal way to drive a car with such a facility. There are two kinds of 4WD; the low 4WD has various features but they make the car moves in a slower speed than with the 4WD high. This system allows the driver to switch the mode of driving according the surface on which he wants to drive the car. They are cheap when it comes to there cost, but they lack the central differential system and that’s make the vehicles having them, ideal to be driven with heavy duty. The part time option of this system allows the driver to alter the driving circumstances according to the requirements. While the full time option makes driving more convenient by giving a range of permanent assistances.


The All Wheel Driving is that sort of system that is quite similar to that of the full time option of the Four Wheel Driving. The only things that it lacks are that it does not carry the features of the lower 4WD. They are a much better option to be chosen while deciding upon the purchase of a vehicle. When talking upon its efficiencies, it is to be noticed that AWD is not perfect to be used off the road, but it is ideal to be used on the road. When considering the prices, this system is more expensive to be used. They have such an advantage that they are very low in weight to be inbuilt in a vehicle and thus that vehicle can move quite freely on all type of roads. Additionally, they have this quality of making the drive smooth even in the rainy weather and they are very popular due to their compatibility.

Difference between AWD and 4WD

The difference between the two types is that the 4WD is very much capable to make the cars run smoothly in heavy snowy weathers. While with the AWD, it does not suit the heavy duty vehicles. On the roads, AWD is recommended to be used and for off the road drive the manufacturers recommend the use of 4WD. 4WD is less costly while the AWD is quite expensive. 4WD is heavier in weight and consumes much space in the vehicle, and on the other hand, the AWD is not very heavy as far as the weight is concerned, nor it consumes extra space, rather it is quite compressed in its nature. The feature of center differential is not available in 4WD as compared to the AWD, where this option is inbuilt. When there is a requirement of high level of torque the 4WD is ideal to be used. The concept of gearing left us with two option; high and low. 4WD has both in it, and AWD has only got the first one.