Difference Between Aztecs and Incas

Aztecs vs Incas

Inca is a civilization which started as a tribe at an area where Sapa Inca, found Kingdom of Cuzco somewhere near 1200 years. Gradually, other Andean communities were included in to Inca. Incas started to go through an expansion in 1442 while they were at Pachacutec’s command where Inca Empire was found resulting in the largest empire in Pre Columbian America. Spanish conquerors that were under command of Francisco Pizarro came here in 1533. Taking advantage of prevailing situation these conquerors obtained a large portion of territory of Inca. In the coming years, these conquerors gained power of the entire Andean region which repressed successive resistance from residents of Inca and culminated establishment of Viceroyalty of Peru in the year 1542.

The people from Aztec were from certain ethnic groups of central Mexico, especially the groups who spoke the Nahuatl language who dominated large portions of Mesoamerica in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. Aztec is a word of Nahuatl language which means ‘people from Aztlan’ which is a mythological place for people who speak this language. Aztec also refers to Mexica people of Tenochtitlan where Mexico City is located now. The Mexican Valley, since 13th century had become heart of Aztec Civilization, a place where Aztec Triple Alliance’s capital was built. This alliance formed the tributary empire for expansion of its political hegemony beyond the Mexican Valley while other cities through Mesoamerica where conquered. At the pinnacle of Aztec Culture, it had rich and complex mythological and religious traditions with remarkable architecture and accomplishments which were artistic. The culture and history of Aztec is primarily known with the help of evidence of archaeological remains found in excavations like that of renowned Templo Mayor in the city of Mexico.

When it comes to two of the great civilizations of South America, these are Aztecs and Incas. Though, both these civilizations are Pre European in their origin, they are Native American people who have marvelous accomplishments in the history. Both of the civilizations have got their differences as they have evolved differently. During the period of 1325 AD and 1523 AD, the Aztecs, in central Mexico, swayed. The Aztecs created techniques of agriculture which were great in the war race. Aztecs kept soil on rafts which were constituted from reeds. They would plant seeds on them and got their results. These floating gardens were regarded as Chinampas by Aztecs. Incas civilization lived on the South-Eastern Coast of South-America where modern Peru is situated now. This was in the time period of 1450 A.D. to 1535 A.D. This civilization had created a clever farming system by carving hill sides and using them to irrigate with water drawn from nearby canals and other streams. The major diets of this civilization were Beans, Squash, and Corn. Aztec Civilization was a civilization of people who were particularly fierce which was shown by the evidences in the norms followed in their social life and culture life. Tlatchli was a game played by people from this civilization. Sacrifice of the losers of this game was done to make the god of Sun, llamas happy. Sacrifice has been evidently found to a major portion of their cultural life. People from this civilization used to go in war just to make them capable to bring prisoners to perform sacrifice to god. The civilization of Inca composed of people who loved peace. This tendency could be said to the reason responsible for the easy downfall of this empire. King of this civilization, along with his nobles came to greet Francisco Pizarro, the Spain Conqueror who killed all of them treacherously.