Difference Between Bacon and Ham

Bacon vs Ham

Pig is a great source of animal meat in many countries. It is called differently (pig meat) in various cultures, which confuses a lot of people. You have bacon, and you have ham. You also have pork. Gammon is there, and so is brawn. In fact, there are scores of all sorts of names given to different cuts of meat obtained from the same animal, and in this article, we shall take a look at bacon and ham that are most confusing to a lot of people.

To begin with, meat obtained from pig is referred to as pork in most cultures. But, how does pork become bacon or ham? Let us find out. The side of the pork after removing head and feet of the animal is the area from where bacon comes. However, it is not before the meat has been cured for a long time. Green bacon is what the side of the pork is called after it has been salted and left over for quite some time. If one talks about South of England, this cured meat is further smoked on slow burning wood like oak. The cut from this bacon around legs is called gammon, while back bacon is the meat from the back of the animal. Ham is simply bacon that is boiled or baked. If we go by etymology, ham comes from the word hom that means bend of the knee.

What is the difference between ?

• Bacon is the meat from pig that has been cured and comes from the sides if the animal or its back

• Ham is a type of bacon that has been boiled or baked. It comes from the bend of the knee or the upper part of the thigh of the animal

• Really, bacon or ham are merely words that refer to meat coming from the pig, and it depends upon which part of the animal the meat is coming from to be labeled bacon or ham