Difference Between Balanced and Unbalanced

Balanced vs Unbalanced

The terms, balanced and unbalanced, appear in many fields such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, accounting and many more. The concept of balance may look like a very simple one, but it holds a great significance in both physical nature and philosophical nature. Unbalanced is the antonym of balanced. Both of these concepts are fairly easy to understand. In this article, we are going to discuss what balance is, what balanced and unbalanced are, where are these terms used in general, the similarities of these two terms, some examples to balanced and unbalanced systems, and finally the difference between balanced and unbalanced.


Many ancient religions and philosophies believed that there is always a balance. The nature has two sides. The balance, in the ancient philosophies, related to the balance between heaven and earth. The term in the sense of physical sciences can refer to many things. A system under external forces is said to be balanced (or static), if the net force and the net torque acting on the system are zero. A chemical equation is said to be balanced if the products and the reactants have exactly the atoms in same numbers. A system balanced under external forces is always stationary. The nature also has many other dualities. Some of these dualities are matter – wave duality, particle – antiparticle duality, mass – energy duality. These dualities also act in a way, to balance the effect off the opposite concept. The term balanced is also used in nutrition. It is in the sense that a meal must be a balanced one, which means that a sufficient amount of nutrition in each category must be present in the food.


The prefix “un” refers to the negation of the root term. Therefore, unbalanced means not balanced. In other words, unbalanced is the antonym of balanced. In the physical sense, mostly, unbalanced systems are dynamical and unstable. An unbalanced force always yields a movement if the force is acted upon an object. Most of the physicists believe in perfect symmetry of the universe. Therefore, all the aspects in the universe are balanced. The ancient religions and philosophies believe that the unbalance of the good and evil leads to wars and fights.


What is the difference between Balanced and Unbalanced?

• A balanced system may refer to a system, which is stable under external forces. An unbalanced system may refer to a system, which is unstable under external forces.

• A balanced chemical equation is energy and mass conservative, but an unbalanced chemical equation is neither energy nor mass conservative.