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Difference Between Baptist and Presbyterian

Baptist vs Presbyterian

Baptist and Presbyterian are two religious groups that show good number of differences between them when it comes to their beliefs and customs. Baptists believe that salvation can be attained only through one means, and that is faith in God. In other words, they say that faith in God alone leads one towards salvation or liberation from this world after death.

On the other hand, Presbyterians believe firmly that God has already chosen whom to punish and whom to save. Hence they believe in predetermination. This is a significant difference between the two religious groups.

Presbyterians firmly believe that Jesus died on the cross only for those who are chosen. Baptists believe it otherwise. Although the Gospel of God is accepted by the Baptist, the Presbyterian believes that it is the sole source to prove the glory and the sovereignty of God or the Almighty. Baptists say that the soul after the death of a person is torn between heaven and earth. In other words, they do not believe in purgatory.

On the other hand, the Presbyterians do not talk much about the soul being torn between heaven and earth. Instead, they say that the Lord’s Supper and the Baptism are but the real symbols of God’s grace. They do not accept the fact that the Lord’s Supper and the Baptism are the actual means of God’s grace. On the other hand, the Baptists differ from the viewpoint of the Presbyterians. They believe in the means of God’s grace too.

Scriptures are given great importance by the Presbyterians, but they do not say that scriptures alone are the sources of doctrines of Christianity. Instead, they say that along with the scriptures the human reason too plays a vital role in the realization of the doctrines of Christianity. Human reason is as good and effective as the scriptures according to the philosophy of the Presbyterians. In fact, this is one of the main differences between the two religious groups, namely, Baptist and Presbyterian.

Presbyterian does not say that the communion is the actual body and blood of Christ. They say that communion is just the symbols of God’s body and blood. As a matter of fact, Presbyterians do not say that faith in God is the savior of human being. On the other hand, the Baptist has spoken in favor of faith on God as the highest virtue a Baptist can possess. It is interesting to note that the Baptists do not speak much about the Holy Sacraments.

The understanding of the Holy Bible is recommended by the Presbyterian through the study of the Gospel. In fact, they say that the central teaching of the scriptures is nothing but the glory of God. On the other hand, the Baptists solely believe in the offering of prayers to the Christ alone. They do not believe in offering prayers to the Saints or even Mary for that matter. These are the important differences between the two religious groups, namely, Baptist and Presbyterian.


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