Difference Between BBC and CNN


BBC and CNN are two of the most important news broadcasting services of the world. BBC is older and has far deeper reach in more households around the world, whereas CNN has made a big impact in the recent decades and has become equally important across the world, especially ever since the world saw the visuals of Gulf war way back in 1991. While BBC is British, CNN is American. These are not the only differences in these two most influential news services of the world, and this article attempts to highlight as many differences as possible in this article.


In all of commonwealth, and elsewhere in the world, BBC happens to be the most important, reliable, and efficient news service. It has a reach through television in all parts of the world, in millions of homes. With a workforce of more than 23000 employees, BBC is the largest news broadcaster in the world. Though it is a public broadcaster, BBC is considered an autonomous body that is responsible for dissemination of news across Britain. All organizations making use of the news from BBC are charged an annual fee. Outside Britain, BBC is known as BBC World Service. Founded in London on January 1, 1927, the world is the playfield of British Broadcasting Service today.


CNN stands for Cable News Network, and it is a rather new news channel having come into existence in 1980. It is a private news channel owned by Ted Turner. It was the first 24 hour news channel in US. Based in Atlanta, CNN has studios in LA and Washington DC also. In US alone, CNN has a reach in about 100 million homes, and across the world, CNN can be seen in more than 200 countries of the world. Worldwide Leader in News is the slogan of the company, and it has become the 2nd most influential news broadcaster in the world after BBC.

It was the special coverage of the Gulf War by its reporters in Baghdad in 1991 that brought night view of the skyline of the city being bombarded by US and allied forces’ airplanes, and catapulted CNN to prominence around the world. The second event that is still fresh in the memories of people around the world is 9/11, and CNN was the first news channel that broadcast first images of the strike on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Since then, CNN has not looked back, and today it is no less prominent in the world than BBC.


What is the difference between BBC and CNN?

• BBC is bigger than CNN and has more employees (23000) serving in all parts of the world.

• BBC is state owned while CNN is a private news channel owned by Time Warner Company.

• BBC has a reach in more homes than CNN though CNN is presently seen in more countries than BBC.

• For many, BBC is a synonym for reliability and efficiency. However, the sheer coverage of Gulf War in 1991 and the bombing of WTC in 2001 have catapulted CNN to a position of strength. It is today second only to BBC in terms of winning people’s confidence and faith.


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