Difference Between BE and BTech Degree

BE vs BTech Degree

In India, engineering is one profession that has all along been viewed as respectable and one having a lot of glamour apart from having a job security. The basic engineering degree in India is of 4 years with each year divided into two semesters. There are basically two degrees given out by colleges, universities and institute. One is BE, which is given by most universities that offer many other degrees apart from engineering. Other is BTech that is an engineering degree given by the IIT’s and several other engineering institutes. This bifurcation causes a lot of confusion, and students cannot decide which one to pursue, for a career in engineering. There has been a long standing debate about the superiority of one over another, though there has been no conclusive statement. Let us see if indeed there is any difference between BE and BTech.

It all started with setting up of IIT’s in the country when they initiated the trend of degrees called Bachelor of Technology. Previously, the same degree was known as Bachelor of Engineering in the country. Many new colleges that cropped up after independence followed suit, and named their engineering degrees as BTech, and not as BE as they thought it to be more prestigious and trendy.

There are some who say that BE is engineering oriented, whereas BTech is technology oriented. They also say that BE is closer to theory, and focuses on strong fundamentals. On the other hand, BTech, being technology oriented, is more up to date, and focuses more on skills than on bookish knowledge. However, one look at the syllabus of universities offering BE and those that offer BTech, makes it clear that there is virtually no difference between the two courses as far as content of course is concerned. There are some, who feel that BE is knowledge oriented, whereas BTech is skill oriented. However, this is not true and tantamount to calling BE graduates as having fewer skills than those who have BTech.

Both BE and BTech are equivalent in terms of value and objectives. As far as job opportunities are concerned, it makes no difference to a company whether you have completed your BE or BTech as long as your fundamentals are strong. In fact, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has clearly said that it considers both degrees as equivalent and sees no differences in these two degree courses.

In brief:

Difference between BE and BTech Degree

• In India, there is a trend of two different engineering degrees being given by colleges and universities, and it all started with IIT’s that provided BTech to its engineering graduates, whereas earlier colleges only provided BE.

• There are many who say that the two degrees are different with more focus on knowledge in BE, whereas more focus on skills in BTech

• However, AICTE has clarified that it does not consider the two degrees as different, and grants equal recognition to both

• Technology is a part of engineering so it is baseless to consider BTech as being superior to BE