Difference Between Beagle and Basset Hound

Beagle vs Basset Hound

Beagle and Basset Hound are two distinct dog breeds, and there are some tangible differences between them. However, both of them belong to the hound family; hence, there is a small resemblance in both, in their appearances. Therefore, it would be important to explore some differences between these popular dog breeds.


Beagle is a very popular dog breed of the hound family with a very distinctive appearance. They are small to medium sized dogs with the accepted weight range from 18 to 35 pounds, according to many standard kennel clubs. The accepted withers height of the purebreds varies between 13 and 16 inches. Their body is covered with a hard coat, which has a smooth outer layer. The coat can have any colour patterning, but the tricolour is the most common and popular colouration among people. The body is muscular and strong and narrows at the hind legs but broad at the chest. Neck has a medium length but very strong. One of the most lovable features of beagles is their large and round eyes. The long legs and short ears must have highly contributed towards their high popularity among people. Tail of the beagles is slightly curved, but the white colour tip should also be noticed. Beagles have a strong muzzle, which is short but the head is broad. All those features give this dog breed a very distinctive and adorable appearance, but they were bred as hunting dogs that could track down the victims. However, nowadays beagles being raised as pets by most of the owners, as they are very playful dogs with a great amount of energy that gives the owners a lot of pleasure.

Basset Hound

As their name depicts, basset hounds are a member of the hound family with a characteristic appearance, which is their long drooping ears. In fact, basset hounds have the longest ears out of all the dog breeds. Basset hounds were bred for hunting, and they have a great sense to track down using the scent of victims. The accepted weights of this breed vary from 20 to 35 kilograms for adults. They have dewlaps, which are the hanging parts of the skin around the neck. Their legs are short, but the body is solid, round, and long. Neck looks loose with the dewlaps, but it is strong and broader than the head. The face looks sad with the drooping ears and dewlaps. Their tail is curved like a sabre. Basset hounds have a coat made up of short hairs, and its colour is usually black, but tan and white tricolour or bicolour are also present. Basset hounds are kept as pets, but they are not as playful as some other dog breeds.

What is the difference between Beagle and Basset Hound?

• Basset hounds are larger and heavier than beagles are.

• Bassets have drooping ears that are longer than beagle ears.

• The facial appearances of beagles look happy but sad in basset hounds.

• Bassets have dewlaps, but beagles barely have dewlaps.

• Bassets have short legs comparatively to beagles.

• Body is longer in bassets than in beagles.

• Waist is narrow in beagles but, not in bassets.

• Beagles are more playful and energetic than bassets are.

• Beagles are more popular than basset hounds.