Difference Between Bearded Collie and Old English Sheepdog

Bearded Collie vs Old English Sheepdog

Bearded collie and Old English sheepdog were both originated in the Great Britain, yet in two countries. Both Bearded collie and Old English sheepdog have fur covered faces, but the appearance is different from each other. Mainly, the body sizes, uses, coat colours, and lifespans are important in considering the difference between bearded collie and Old English sheepdog.

Bearded Collie

Bearded collie was developed in Scotland, to be used in herding the livestock such as sheep and cattle. Despite their original purposes of breeding, bearded collies are now a pet dog or a family companion. According to the breed standards stipulated by the kennel clubs, a purebred bearded collie should weigh around 18 – 27 kilograms. Heights at withers should be around 53 – 56 centimetres and 51 – 53 centimetres in males and females respectively.

The most prominent external feature of bearded collies is the longhaired coat that covers their face. The fur coat is a thick double coat, which helps them resisting cold weathers in temperate countries. However, it is necessary to brush the coat regularly, at least weekly, or it would be messed up with curls and locks. They are available in few colourations viz. black, grey, brown, and fawn; the white markings are often present.

Bearded collie is a very healthy and highly energetic dog breed. They make themselves as charming and loyal companions for the owner. Since they are blessed with a long life of about 12 – 14 years, bearded collies are seriously bonded with their owners.

Old English Sheepdog

The Old English sheepdog is a popular dog breed with a compact body of medium to large size. As the name depicts, they have been originated in England, and herding was the main use in early days. According to the standard weights, male and female Old English sheepdogs should range around 32 – 45 kilograms and 27 – 36 kilograms respectively. The maximum allowed height at the withers is 61 centimetres, but the females are a little shorter compared to males.

Old English sheepdog’s coat of fur is thick, long, and hanging down, which covers the face. The thick fur coat is composed of two layers, of which, the undercoat is resistant to water. Since it is a long coat, regular brushing is essential for that to be mat-free. This shaggy fur coat poses a characteristic appearance for the breed. The Old English sheepdog is available in shades of grey, grizzle, black, blue, and blue merle. However, the presence of white markings is not considered as a disqualification for being purebreds. Their tail is docked at a very young age, traditionally, but it is optional based on the desire of the owners.

The temperament of these dogs is very impressive as they never get agitated or aggressive. The calm nature should have been a result of their great intelligence. Additionally, the Old English sheepdog is highly sociable and adaptable dog breed, but they can live only about seven years.

What is the difference between Bearded Collie and Old English Sheepdog?

• Origins of the two breeds were in England and Scotland for Old English sheepdog and bearded collie respectively.

• Old English sheepdog is larger and heavier than bearded collie.

• Bearded collies are blessed with a long lifespan, whereas Old English sheepdog lives only about a half of that.

• Old English sheepdogs are more intelligent than bearded collies.

• Old English sheepdogs are available in whitish shades of few colours, whereas bearded collies come in few colours with frequent white patches.