Difference Between Beauceron and Rottweiler

Beauceron vs Rottweiler

These are two very aggressive dog breeds, but they exhibit a range of differences between them. Beauceron and Rottweiler have been originated in two countries, and their physical features are easily distinguishable. Their breeds have different breed standards and appearances both in their heads and bodies.


Beaucerons become very important as guard and herding dogs due to their high athleticism, intelligence, and fearlessness. Beauceron is a long-lived dog breed that has been categorized as a working dog. They were originated in France, specifically in the Northern areas. Beaucerons are medium size dogs with standard heights ranging from 61 to 70 centimetres and weights ranging around 30 – 45 kilograms. They have a double coat, which comprises of a soft inner coat and a rough outer coat. The purebred beaucerons are available in only two colouration patterns such as black with tan and tan with grey. Tanning in the black form and whitening in the tan form are present as dots above the eyes that fade towards the cheeks. Their calmness and gentleness make them good pets. Despite their intelligence, Beaucerons undergo a slower mental and physical development compared to other equivalent breeds. It would be important to notice the double dewclaw in the hind legs of these dogs.


Rottweiler is a well-known and popular dog breed due to their notoriously aggressive temperament. They were originated in Germany. Rottweiler is a medium to large dog breed with males and females stand around 61 – 69 centimetres and 56 – 63 centimetres respectively at their withers. The purebred Rottweilers should weigh 50 – 60 kilograms in males and 35 – 48 kilograms in females. Additionally, their weights should be proportional with the heights.

Rottweilers are available in black with clear markings of mahogany or tan. They have a short, dense, and thick outer coat, but the under coat is present around the neck and thighs only and not visible. Their head is prominent with a medium size skull, which is broad between the ears. The round nose is a well-developed feature that has large black nostrils. Their lips are black, but the colour around those is tan or mahogany. They are gifted with a pair of strong and broad jaws, which ensure a firm and powerful bite. The muscular neck is of fair length and has the slightest of the curves. Forelegs of Rottweiler are placed apart, and the chest is prominent. They have a muscular and firm back that is straight. All these features provide these dogs a fearsome appearance and a strong personality.

Rottweilers have been used in herding, hunting and as sled dogs in early days, but nowadays Rottweiler serve as guard dogs, police dogs, and guide dogs. However, the pet inside the Rottweiler dogs is adorable due to devoted, calm, confident, and obedient temperaments.

What is the difference between Beauceron and Rottweiler?

• Beauceron was originated in northern France, but Germany was the native country of Rottweilers.

• Beauceron looks elongated while Rottweiler looks stocky.

• Beauceron is taller than Rottweiler.

• Rottweilers are more aggressive than Beaucerons.

• Beauceron is available is more colourations than Rottweiler.

• Rottweiler has a broad head and short snout, whereas Beauceron has a narrow and elongated head with a long snout.

• Rottweilers are traditionally tail docked, but Beaucerons do not undergo docking or cropping.