Difference Between Behavior and Attitude

Behavior vs Attitude

Attitude and behavior are closely related in some sense though they are two different concepts. One of the most important differences between behavior and attitude is that attitude is internal whereas behavior is external in sense. In other words it can be said that behavior can very well be seen by others as it is external whereas attitude is shelled within the mind of the individual and hence cannot be seen by others immediately.

Experts say that that attitude is what you think whereas behavior is what you do. In other words it can be said that attitude has to do with the mind whereas behavior has a lot to do with actions.

Attitude is thought-oriented whereas behavior is action-oriented. Hence attitude has all the power to shape the behavior of a person. It is indeed true that a person with the right attitude would be endowed with the right behavior too.

Attitude is all about the opinion somebody has about something in life. Behavior is about how one responds to the impulsions and the pulls of the environment.

It is indeed possible to judge one’s attitude through one’s behavior though attitude is not visible externally. One can say that one’s friend has a good attitude towards life. It is evident from the person’s behavior. Hence attitude and behavior are related in some sense though they are two different concepts.

The response of an individual or a system to the environmental pulls is what is called behavior. Attitude is also a kind of response in the sense that it is a response from within to the deep consciousness.

There is no external implication of the internal feeling in the concept of attitude. The feeling is kept well within the individual. On the other hand the feeling is poured out in behavior. It is for sure that behavior and attitude are the two dimensions of an individual.

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