Difference Between Belief and Faith

Belief vs Faith

Belief and Faith are two words that are often confused when it comes to their meaning. This is due to the fact that they appear to have similar meanings. Strictly speaking they are not so. They are in fact different in terms of their inner meanings.

The word ‘belief’ is used in the sense of confidence about achieving goals. Faith on the other hand, indicates a stronger confidence to achieve greater goals. This is the basic difference between the two words. There is a general understanding that belief builds faith. In other words, you develop faith based on the belief on a particular thing.

Belief is based on sound logic. On the other hand, faith is based on something more than logic. It is based on certain other aspects like background, proof and the like. Faith has the tendency to remove worry, and it paves the way for optimism. On the other hand, belief paves the way for the strengthening of faith.

The Bible says that faith is to hope for things, which are not seen, but at the same time which are true. The Bible says that faith must be centered on Jesus Christ in order to result in salvation.

To have faith is nothing but to have confidence in something or someone. Hence it is true that faith can be equated to confidence. The sentence ‘I have faith in you’ should mean ‘I have confidence in you’. This is the inner meaning of the word ‘faith’.

The Bible says that miracles often do not produce faith. On the other hand, miracles confirm one’s faith. This is an important observation when it comes to the suggested sense of the word ‘faith’. Faith is centered in trust. On the other hand, belief is centered in faith. Thus, it can be said that belief is the subset of faith.

There is of course a Biblical thought that both these words are one and the same. This is due to the fact that belief becomes faith when it is very strong and convincing. Another school of thought says that belief is based on probability or chance, whereas faith is not based on probability at all.

On the other hand, faith can be equated to evidence, whereas belief cannot be equated to evidence. Belief on the other hand can be considered as a substitute for knowledge. Faith is the strong belief on substances and concepts that are neither seen nor felt. Faith needs no proof for that matter. On the other hand, belief depends on proof. In other words, belief cannot dispense with proof.

A belief is what you anticipate but cannot explain. On the other hand, faith needs no question to be asked. This is a major difference between the two words. Thus, it can be said that faith is nothing but belief without evidence. The expression ‘faith in God’ would mean ‘total belief in God’s powers’. The expression ‘belief in God’ looks for evidences as well. These are the differences between faith and belief.