Difference Between Bernese Mountain Dog and Saint Bernard

Bernese Mountain Dog vs Saint Bernard

With a high degree of variation, Bernese mountain dog and Saint Bernard are easy to differentiate from each other. Body size would be a standout characteristic that separates the two dog breeds, yet there are many other features too. However, they are cousins and share a significant number of common features, as well. Therefore, it would be worth a take a look at a review about Bernese mountain dog and Saint Bernard together.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This is one of the four breeds of Sennunhunds, and they are large dogs originated in Switzerland. Originally, people kept them as farm dogs. Body colouration is very similar to other Swiss mountain dog breeds, with tri-colour coat of black, white, and rust. Their height at the withers is ranging from 58 to 70 centimetres, and they weigh between 40 and 55 kilograms. Bernese mountain dogs have a flat skull with triangular ears, and the ears are round at the tips. One of the distinguishing characters in this breed is the long and rough outer coat of fur. Since, the hairs are long, a little grooming and combing is needed. However, Bernese mountain dogs are not blessed with a long life, but can live about 10 or 11 years. The longest-lived individual has set the record at 15.2 years.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is one of the largest dogs among all the dog breeds. In fact, Saint Bernard is a giant dog and is being developed for rescuing purposes. They have been originated in the Europe, specifically in the Alps of Italy and Switzerland. According to the kennel club standards, Saint Bernard dog could be weighing in a range from 60 to 120 kilograms. The accepted heights of them vary around 70 – 90 centimetres at the withers. Their coat could be either rough or smooth, yet it is profuse highly around the neck and legs.

Saint Bernard dogs are available in red with white or mahogany brindle with white. It also should be stated that these colourations are present in large patches, rarely in small dots, and never in stripes. They have low, hanging eyes with tight eyelids. Furs around eyes are dark coloured. The tail of Saint Bernard is heavy, long, and hanging down. These are highly sociable dogs with others including both people and animals. Their average lifespan varies around eight and ten but may be susceptible for bone-related disorders such as hip or elbow dysplasia.

Bernese Mountain Dog vs Saint Bernard

• Saint Bernard is considerably larger and heavier than Bernese mountain dogs.

• Bernese mountain dogs usually live longer than Saint Bernard dogs.

• Grooming is essential for Bernese mountain dogs but not for Saint Bernard.

• Saint Bernard and Bernese mountain dogs are cousins in origin but are originated in different places.

• Their available colours are different as Saint Bernard is available in two colours, whereas Bernese mountain dogs are available in tricolours.

• Bernese Mountain dogs have a moderately long, slightly wavy or straight coat, whereas Saint Bernard dogs have short fur with long hairs at the base of tail, neck, and legs.