Difference Between Bike and Motorcycle

Bike vs Motorcycle

A bike can be anything from a bicycle, a moped, scooter, an electric bike, or even a motorcycle. This is because of the fad to call any vehicle moving on two wheels to be classified under the term bike. Ask a kid moving around proudly on his small bicycle and he will call his vehicle a bike. Talk to a girl moving around on her e-bike and she will sure refer to her vehicle as her bike. When it comes to young guys zooming past on their stylish motorcycles and you will get the same answer. What then is a bike and what difference is there between a bike and a motorcycle. This article will attempt to find out the answer to this question.

The word bike originated after the invention of bicycles, so the earliest mention of the word was pertaining to bicycles only. In general it meant to describe a vehicle having two wheels. Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters that got invented later on were added to the list of vehicles classified under bike as they all moved on two wheels.

Though it is common to see youngsters using the word bike for their motorcycles, the very fact that their vehicles need gas and engines to move mean that their vehicles are not just bikes. So if one says that both his bicycle and his motorcycle are his bikes looks a little odd as anyone can see the huge difference between the two vehicles. One is propelled using manpower while the other uses and engine for the purpose of propulsion. Weight of a bicycle is around 10-15 kg whereas a motorcycle is nearly 10-20 times more than that of a bicycle. While a motorcycle runs on money (gas) and makes you fat, a bike (bicycle) runs on your fat and saves money (gas).

In brief:

Difference Between Bike and Motorcycle

• While technically there is nothing wrong in calling your motorcycle a bike, it is better to leave the word bike to your cycle and call your gas propelled vehicle a motorcycle.

• Any vehicle moving on two wheels classifies under the word bike

• However, you cannot refer to both your cycle and motorcycle standing side by side as bikes as it looks odd.