Difference Between Blackberry and Blueberry

Blackberry vs Blueberry

Blackberry and Blueberry is believed and proved to have immense amount of antioxidants which can eradicate free radicals. These free radicals are oxygen molecules that are very unstable and cause diseases in our body. It’s also the main cause of aging.


Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus) is one of the famous berries (drewberries and raspberries are the others) under the genus Rubus which has over a thousand of sub-species. They are an excellent source for fiber and Vitamin C which aids in reducing cancer cells. This is also an excellent fruit to be eaten by people with diabetes since it has very low calories and no fats at all.


Blueberries (Vaccinium Cyanococcus) are under the genus Vaccinium which includes popular berries like bilberries and cranberries. Blueberries have two kinds: the low-bush berries and the high-bush berries. Like other berries, it’s also high in antioxidant to make people look young. Maine, USA is the largest low-bush berries producer in the world while it is Michigan when it comes to high bush berries.

Difference between Blackberry and Blueberry

Latest research shows that pterostilbene, which can be found on bluberries, can help in reducing cholesterol in our bodies thus reducing also the risk of getting heart disease. Blackberries, on the other hand, contain no fat and very less calorie which is perfect for diabetic people. In terms of colors, blackberries, as what its name signifies, are commonly black but sometimes it can be dark purple also; blueberries, its in its name again, are dark blue in color when ripe. The plants of blueberries are standing while blackberries are like vine plants that are crawling and trailing.

No matter what kind of berry you choose, blueberries or blackberries, you would still get more or less the same vitamins and nutrients that each one of these berries offers. Eating these two berries would help reduce cholesterol, prevents the risk of having heart disease, and it can eradicate cancer cells.

In brief:

• Blueberries contain pterostilbene compound which helps reduce cholesterol and the risk of having heart illness while blackberries are low in calories and zero-fat which are excellent for diabetes.

• Blueberries are under the genus Vaccinium that includes popular berries like cranberries and bilberries, blackberries are under the genus Rubus that includes popular berries like drewberries and raspberries.

• Blueberries when ripe are color dark blue whereas when blackberries are ripe it’s either in dark color or dark purple.