Difference Between Bloodhound and Coonhound

Bloodhound vs Coonhound

Bloodhounds and coonhounds exhibit many differences between each other, and it is not very difficult to separate them. Their countries of origin, some physical characteristics, the extents of smelling sense, and colourations would be good differentiating factors for bloodhounds and coonhounds.


Bloodhound is a large breed originated in Belgium, and it was bred to hunt deer and bear. They are also known as St. Hubert hound and Sleuth hound. They have an extremely powerful sense of smell, and later this skill was developed to tract humans by scent. Therefore, bloodhound is a very good breed to use in police and other armed forces to track the escaped prisoners, criminals, or missing people, because of their extraordinarily blessed nose. Their body weight ranges between 33 and 50 kilograms, while the height at withers is about 58 – 69 centimetres. Usually, they are either black and tan or liver and tan in colour. Bloodhounds have a large skeleton with very strong bones, which make them very thick for their length. However, these are gentle dogs with a short and rough coat of fur. They are more prone to gastrointestinal problems viz. bloat and some infections in eyes and ears. Usually, bloodhounds are not a long-lived breed, and the average life span is less than seven years.


Coonhound is a scent hound dog of the hound family, and they were originated in the United States for the purposes of quarry and foxhunting. Even nowadays, they are being used for hunting purposes. There are different coonhound breeds known as Black and Tan Coonhound, Bluetick Coonhound, Redbone Coonhound, Plot Hound, and Treeing Walker Coonhound. The weight of a coonhound is in a range from 29 to 59 kilograms, and the height at withers is about 58 to 69cm. Their legs are long, but those are well in proportion with the body length. They have long ears, and a drooping neck. The coat colouration of coonhounds depends on the breeds; the black and tan coonhound is black and tan in colour as the name indicates. Additionally, the blue tick coonhound is black and white with ash spots throughout the body and the English coonhound is white and pale brown colour with brown spots, while the Plot hound is black in colour. The breed is different from the colours but has same features. Usually, coonhounds live about 10 – 12 years in good health conditions.

What is the difference between Bloodhound and Coonhound?

· Bloodhounds originated in Belgium, but the origin of coonhounds is the United States.

· Bloodhound has a stronger sense of smell compared to coonhounds.

· Bloodhounds are always black and tan, or liver and tan in colour, whereas coonhounds come in different colours.

· Bloodhound is a single breed but coonhound is a group of breeds.

· Bloodhounds are used to tract humans by scent, but coonhounds are used for hunting purposes.

· Bloodhounds have a wrinkled neck, but not in coonhounds.

· Bloodhounds have a very thick coat, whereas coonhounds’ coat is not that thick.

· Bloodhounds are very thick for their length, but coonhounds look proportionate.

· Bloodhounds do not live a longer life as coonhounds do.