Difference Between BMW 650i and 645i

BMW 650i vs 645i

BMW 645i and 650i are 6 series performance coupe from BMW. BMW is the most endearing car to its proud owners and the name BMW has become synonymous with quality and grandeur. The Bavarian Motor Company, BMW is short, has been churning out highest quality automobiles year after year. The company is known for producing cars in series number followed by a letters that signify a particular feature. Both BMW 645i and 650i belong to the 600 series and the letter ‘i’ signifies fuel injection. Though there are lots of similarities in these two models there are also differences that will be highlighted in this article to enable consumers to choose the one car that suits better to their requirements.

Both 645i and 650i are 6 series performance coupe. While 645i was launched in 2004, 650i made its appearance in 2006. Both the cars are almost similar in size and also have the same styling. Both 645i and 650i are being manufactured in hardtop as well as convertibles, and both have aluminum V-8 as engine.

There are some notable differences in the engine capacity and the horsepower generated. While 650i has a 4.8 liter, 360 horsepower V-8 engine, 645i, though has the same V-8 engine has a capacity of only 4.4 liters and generates 325 horsepower. While both have a 6 speed transmission gears, 645i is also available with a variant having automatic transmission.

iDrive, a technology patented by BMW, has been upgraded for 650i to provide for a better climate control, and also to replace a dashboard full of buttons and a radio. There is a consolidated system with a single turn and push knob and a display system on the dashboard. 650i has done away with a DVD based system and has gone for a 8GB hard disc space for music from CD’s and DVD’s.

One major difference lies in the use of a new brake energy regeneration technology that uses the alternator to charge the battery when the car is stopping or decelerating. When speeding, the alternator is disengaged and the battery is used. This results in decrease in the load on the engine and also helps in saving fuel.


• Both 645i and 650i are performance coupe from BMW

• 650i has a larger engine and generates more horsepower

• iDrive has been upgraded for 650i

• 650i makes use of brake regeneration technology which is not there in 645i.