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Difference Between Boat and Yacht

Boat vs Yacht

Boat and Yacht, both are marine vessels and both are boats. Boat is a generic name whereas yacht is a special kind of a boat for pleasure cruising. The English Language can be quite confusing at times. Everyday new words are added into our vocabulary increasing our word bank. Have you noticed that sometimes there are words that seem so similar; we may have thought they are exactly the same thing? For example, watercrafts. Does everybody know which is which? Take a boat and a yacht, one may say, well, they are both marine vessels. But can you differentiate a boat from a yacht?


A boat is basically a small craft designed to carry anything-from people to animals and cargo- across a body of water such as lake or sea. The term boat is usually used as a generic term for any marine vessel. A boat can refer to a motorized watercraft, for example a speedboat or it can also be as basic as a dinghy. Its sole purpose is to float and serve as a means of transportation on water.


There is a certain type of boat that has been designed for recreational or leisure purposes. This is the yacht, a high end watercraft built for luxury and for the affluent. Today, a yacht is a connotation of wealth since most of the people who own a yacht belong to the rich and the famous. But what people may not know is that this vessel was invented and first used by the Dutch to hunt pirates, thus the name (yacht was derived from the Dutch word Jacht which means hunt).

Difference between boat and yacht

The word boat is a generally used term for a watercraft and has a wide variety ranging from tugboats which uses motors to kayaks which uses only a paddle to move across the water. But do not confuse boat for a ship since a ship is way larger than a boat and can travel across vast bodies of water like oceans. The water vessel used by the first people who were able to circumnavigate the Earth was a ship. On the other hand a yacht is a type of boat whose primary purpose is for leisure or recreation. Although some years ago yacht was used by the Dutch to hunt pirates, it has entirely changed. Yacht now signifies money and power.

In Brief:

1. Boat and yacht are both used as means of water transportation.

2. Both water vessels can be used for leisure, let’s say fishing.

3. Boat is a more general term, whereas yacht is a specific type of boat.

4. Anyone can own a boat, but usually only rich people can own a yacht.

5. A boat can be used for commercial purposes but a yacht is known to be used for recreation alone.


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