Difference Between BSc and BA

BSc vs BA

Before we move ahead, and talk about differences between BSc and BA, we ought to make it clear that after 10+2, students must make their priorities clear and then accordingly pursue a bachelor’s degree for a head start in higher studies. There was a time when a bachelor’s degree was considered an achievement in itself, but today it is more of a stepping stone that needs to be achieved in order to get higher or professional degrees. A bachelor’s degree is also called an undergraduate degree, and a student pursuing such a course is an undergraduate. An undergraduate degree can be in all sorts of subjects and in general, those pertaining to humanities and social sciences are classified under BA (Bachelor of Arts), while those that are from science stream are categorized as BSc (Bachelor of Science). There are differences between the content, scope, and approach of study in BA and BSc that will be discussed in this article.

A bachelor’s degree lasts for 3 years in general, and is intended to provide students a generalized knowledge in a broad range of areas rather than making him skilled or proficient in a single subject. This is why, there are 3 or more subjects from arts or science stream that are taught in a BA or BSc degree course. Bachelor’s degree course is so designed to impart theoretical knowledge with very little emphasis of research.

The major difference between BA and BSc lies in subjects chosen for study. Whereas, BA comprises subjects from humanities and languages such as literature, history, geography, sociology, anthropology, psychology etc, BSc is a bachelor’s degree that provides generalized knowledge at university level in subjects that are chosen from physics, chemistry, mathematics, botany, zoology etc. There are different combinations of subjects that are offered by various colleges, and students have to choose from these combinations.

However, there are some undergraduate level degrees, such as BEng that are professional in nature, and students get immediate job after its completion. Similarly there is BBA at Bachelor’s level in the field of business that is also capable of getting one job in the industry soon after completion.


Whether one pursues BA or BSc, is his own volition, and one need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both before opting for either. Art subjects are more suited to those who do not have a scientific approach and aptitude. There are also some who dread math; they are better off doing BA rather than BSc. There are some competitive exams held for jobs that have an eligibility criterion. Only those who are graduates (having completed their undergraduate degree course) can appear in such exams. One has to do BA or BSc to appear in these exams, and secure a job for oneself. Both BA and BSc are the first degree provided at the university level and a stepping stone to higher studies.