Difference Between Bull and Buffalo

Bull vs Buffalo

Bull and Buffalo are two animals that show difference between them in terms of their nature and characteristics. Bull is the male species of the cattle or the cows. It is said that bulls are never castrated. The bulls are used generally for breeding purposes. They are also used for stock purposes of course.

It is important to note that ox is not considered for breeding purposes unlike the bull. A situation is thus created wherein there is a need for the quick production of cattle. On the other hand the buffalo is used as livestock in several countries. The countries where Buffalo is used as livestock include Asia, North Africa, South America and Southern Europe.

It is believed that buffalo is more useful to man than the bull. Buffalo gives milk whereas Bull does not give milk. Hence buffalo’s milk is drunk for health purposes. On the other hand bulls are used as animals that drag vehicles and burden. Buffaloes are not used for this purpose.

Buffaloes are used in agriculture as dairy animals whereas bulls are not used in agriculture. The dung of a buffalo is used as a fertilizer whereas that of a bull is not used as a fertilizer. The dung of a buffalo is also used as a fuel in homes. On the other hand bulls are useful to mankind too in different ways.

Bulls are used to drag carts. Sometimes they are used to drag heavy bits of log and in threshing grains and powering machines which are used to grind grain. Normally bulls and buffaloes are used in pairs to carry out work. These are the differences between bull and buffalo.

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