Difference Between Bullmastiff and English Mastiff

Bullmastiff vs English Mastiff

Bull mastiff and English mastiff are large sized dog breeds with many differences exhibited between them. Their countries of origin, colours and other coat characteristics, sizes, temperament, and health concerns are comparatively different between bull mastiff and English mastiff. Their average life expectancy is another important factor to consider about these two. This article reviews the available information about these two enormous dog breeds.

Bull Mastiff

Bull mastiff is a dog breed with a large body and short but strong muzzle with drooping lips. They originated in Europe after crossbreeding the English mastiff and Old English bulldog breeds in the nineteenth century. The purpose of creating this dog breed was to guard the estates against poachers. They were accepted as purebred dogs since 1924 by the English kennel club. Their coat is dense, harsh, rough, and short in structure while its colour is a mixture of red, brown, fawn, or brindle. However, their short but strong muzzle is mostly blackened. Their drooping lips give them a sad but cute and adorable appearance. Their males are slightly larger than females with the minimum and maximum heights being 25 inches and 27 inches respectively. Males weigh between 50 – 59 kilograms while females have about 45 – 54 kilograms of weight. The lifespan of a bull mastiff ranges around eight and eleven years. The considerable susceptibility of bull mastiffs for inherited diseases is a bit of a concern about them. However, their independent, loyal, quiet, and intelligent temperaments have been the main causes to attract people towards them.

English Mastiff

English mastiff, aka Mastiff, is an enormously built breed of dog that has been originated in the United Kingdom. It is believed that mastiffs are the descendants of the ancient Alaunts. Their body is enormous with males are weighing about 68 – 110 kilograms and females have their weight range from 54 to 91 kilograms. According to the characteristics accepted by kennel clubs, the purebred English mastiffs have the minimum and maximum heights as 27.5 inches and 37 inches. Their head is large and broad with a long muzzle, which is black in colour. Their lips are droopy and appear to be tired always, but the puppies look very adorable and cute. The colour of the coat is fawn with hints of silver, apricot, or dark while some are available in brindle, as well. The nature of the fur coat is fine and short. Mastiffs are courageous dogs with a great loyalty towards the owner. They love to be with and play with children more often than not. Despite some of the health concerns related to inherited diseases, English mastiff remains as a popular dog breed.


What is the difference between Bull Mastiff and English Mastiff?

• Bull mastiff originated from English mastiff and Old English bulldogs whereas, English mastiff is believed to be descended from ancient Alaunts.

• English mastiff is much larger and heavier than bull mastiff.

• Coat is dense and rough in bull mastiff while it is fine and short in English mastiff.

• Head is broader in English mastiff than in bull mastiff.

• Muzzle is long in English mastiff but short in bull mastiff.

• English mastiffs are playful and good with children but not bull mastiffs.

• Health concerns are more appealing in bull mastiffs compared to English mastiffs.