Difference Between Business English and Literary English

Business English vs Literary English

Since we are living in a word where everything and every concept have been expanded, including the spheres of languages, it is useful to know the difference between business English and literary English. Earlier, if somebody said ‘I am learning English’ it may have simply meant that the person was learning English language irrespective of any notion of sub-category. However, the situation is different today. Now people say, ‘I am following a business English course,’ ‘How about we see to your literary English lessons,’ it does not mean that the speaker is referring to English language at a general context. Apparently, the speaker is referring to some category of English language which is specifically defined. Thus, terms like Business English and Literary English fall under English for Specific Purposes. This article aims to bring out what Business English and Literary English mean and highlight the differences between the business English and literary English.

What is Business English?

Business English primarily refers to the English language associated with international business, but it may not be confined to the international level. It simply means English language used in the context of business. Due to the significant weight placed upon the accuracy and appropriateness of English language used in trade, business English has now become a separate specialism in English, which is taught and learnt at a large context. It encompasses areas of study such as vocabulary related to business, communication skills needed for effective communication with your business partners and at workplace, language and skills needed for socializing, networking, meetings, presentations, report writing, email etiquette, telephone etiquette, discourse, etc. Due to the significant study areas, business English is now taught to many college/university students who aspire to enter the world or work.

What is Literary English?

Literary English is a register of English used for literary writing or literary criticism and analysis on a literary work. In the ancient times, literary English was often placed at an elevated position clearly distinct from the colloquial English , but at modern times, there is not much of a difference between the literary and colloquial versions of English. Since Literary English is different from the conversational English, it may require a slight additional effort to understand it. The language is rich with many literary devices such as similes, metaphors, paradoxes, ironies, sarcasm, and many more.

Difference Between Business English and Literary English

What is the difference between Business English and Literary English?

• Business English is a formal register and literary English is even more formal.

• Business English is used to communicate effectively in the business world where literary English is used to write a literary work.

• Business English is free from ironies and ambiguities as it is designed for effective communication while literary English is quite rich with ironies and ambiguities.

• Business English is precise and succinct while literacy English is rather indirect and descriptive.

• Business English focuses on both written and spoken purposes while literary English only appears in written form.

• Literary English uses a high level of grammar while business English is more focused on discourse: correct and comprehensive grammar, appropriate tone, etc.

Reviewing these differences, it is obvious that business English and literary English differ from each other in their functions, structures and backgrounds used.