Difference Between Cable and Network

Cable vs Network

Cable and Network TV, both bring entertainment to our living room. We all know about network TV as it is what we have grown with. In comparison, cable TV is a later phenomenon that was introduced as a substitute to provide programming in places where reception of signals was bad. Till the 80’s, programming on TV was limited to a few broadcasters as they had a monopoly but after the introduction of cable TV, viewers are able to see more channels and also a wide variety of programs. Major difference between cable and network TV lies in the fact that while cable TV brings programs to the users with the help of cables carrying radio frequency signals while signals are carried through air using radio waves in the case of TV networks.

For years people had to use small antennas on the roof top to catch the signals of the programs broadcast by TV networks but with the introduction of cable TV, there is no need of any antenna as programs come through cables to homes. Cable TV requires the operator to have a large antenna to catch signals of programs of TV network and then distribute cables to homes in the locality.

One major difference between cable TV and network TV is the quality of sound and video. While there were problems of grain and poor audio quality in the case of network TV, there is no such problem in cable TV.

Cable TV is pricier of the two. In comparison, one does not require to pay a dime if he relies on network TV. All he needs is to get an antenna installed on the rooftop after buying a TV and he will start to receive TV programs. This is because infrastructure needs to be developed for cable TV, and sometimes, cable operators also ask you to pay for set top box. To watch programs on cable TV, people need to choose between various channel packages that meet their requirement.

In brief:

• Cable TV makes use of cables to bring TV programs in homes, whereas network TV relies on sending signals through air.

• Cable TV is costlier than network TV

• Cable TV has more variety than network TV and the quality of audio and video is also better