Difference Between Cardigan and Pembroke

Cardigan vs Pembroke

People often prefer to have cute companions by their side, and Welsh corgis are popular options for that. However, only very few people are aware about the two types of Welsh corgis such as Cardigan and Pembroke. Both of them are distinct dog breeds originated in the Wales of Great Britain before many long years from today. The exhibited differences between cardigan and Pembroke welsh corgis would be important to know so that the two breeds could be identified correctly and choose what would match with the requirements best for the buyer from the breeders.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh corgi is one of the oldest dog breeds originated in Wales with a recorded history of about 3000 years. Cardigans are believed to be originated from the ancestors of the Dachshunds known as Teckel family. Their short and stumpy legs can be a good suggestion for the belief of ancestors. The height of a Cardigan should not exceed 31.5 centimetres, but the adults would also be at least 24 centimetres tall at withers. Their body is large compared to the short legs as they weigh around 13.6 – 17.2 kilograms in males and 11.3 – 15.4 kilograms in females. One of the important features of Cardigans is that their tail is long and touches the ground, which means their tail is longer than their body height. There is a range of accepted coat colours for Cardigans such as shades of red, sable, and brindle. Additionally, they are available in patterning of black, tan, and blue merle, but red merle is not available. They have been used as a herding dog in cattle and sheep farms; they had a prominent advantage with their short height to ensure they would not be hurt by the cattle leg kicks. Cardigans are very popular as pets due to the high intelligence and loyalty. This obedient and agile companion is highly watchful about the strangers.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh corgi is a highly intelligent and a very popular dog breed, which was originated in the Pembrokeshire of the Wales. They were originally bred for herding purposes of cattle and sheep farms, but they have been handy in herding poultry farms, as well. Pembrokes have a long body with very short and stumpy legs. The height at withers vary around 25 – 30 centimetres while bodyweights could be ranging between 11.3 and 13.6 kilograms. However, the females are lighter (10.4 – 12.7 kilograms) than the males are. Pembrokes come only in five colour variations, of which three (red, white, and sable) are with white marks while two (red-headed and black headed) are in tricolour. Their tail is usually short, and it is docked at a very young age (within two to five days from birth), as well. They are highly loyal and obedient towards the owners and love being cared. The 11th smartest dog breed of all the dogs is the Pembroke Welsh corgi and they are ranked at the 25th in popularity rankings. Pembrokes are friendly with anyone they meet on their way including children and other pets. These dogs are tender in temperament and have been very popular in the British Royal Family; Queen Elizabeth II has kept more than 30 Pembrokes.

Cardigan vs Pembroke Welsh Corgi

• Cardigan was originated in Mid-Wales while Pembrokes came from Pembrokeshire of Southwest Wales.

• Cardigan is slightly taller and heavier than the Pembrokes.

• Cardigans have a long tail while Pembrokes have a short and docked tail.

• Cardigans are available in many colourations, but Pembrokes come in only five colourations.

• Pembrokes are more popular and intelligent than Cardigans.

• Both breeds are highly loyal towards the owners, but Cardigans are watchful over strangers while Pembrokes are friendly with anyone.