Difference Between Carpet and Rug

Carpet vs Rug

Carpets are used all over the world as flooring, and rug is just another word that is referred to this flooring. The same flooring that is called carpet in Asian countries is called rug in America. However, it is not that these words are synonyms as there are differences between a carpet and a rug that will be highlighted in this article.

While in America, people call a wall to wall covering as a carpet and prefer to call smaller pieces that are either kept in the center of a room or below a bed as rugs, in Asian countries no differentiation is made and the words carpet and rugs are used interchangeably.

One big difference between a carpet and a rug is in size. Irrespective of the size of the room, if the flooring is such that it covers the entire room, it is a carpet, but if it covers less than 40 square feet area of the room, it is a rug. Though this is an arbitrary differentiation, it helps in deciding whether the piece of flooring is a carpet or a rug.

Another difference lies in the ease with which flooring can be removed. While carpets tend to be difficult in removing from the floor or the wall, rugs are just placed on the floor and can be moved here and there. This proves to be a plus point in favor of rugs and this is why many prefer to keep rugs in rooms and other places in their homes rather than getting carpets installed that prove to be difficult in cases of shifting.

Rugs and carpets, though both are made of similar materials like cotton, wool, hemp, and jute, differ in terms of patterns and textures. Here also, smaller size of rugs helps as they can be made in more textures and patterns than carpets.

Cleaning of rugs is easier than carpets and professionals may be required to get cleaning of carpets done. On the other hand, rugs can be easily cleaned at home.

Rugs are costlier than carpets though they are more delicate than carpets. In general, carpets are thicker than rugs, and they give a luxurious feel when they are thicker.

In brief:

• Rugs and carpets are coverings used to beautify a room

• Rugs are smaller in size, and in general, any flooring that is less than 40 square feet is referred to as a rug whereas floor to floor and wall to wall coverings are called carpets

• Rugs require little maintenance and can be easily moved while it is difficult to clean a carpet and also to move it from one place to another

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