Difference Between Catholic and Christian Bible

Catholic vs Christian Bible

Though the Bible, in essence, carries the word of God, there exists some difference between Catholic Bible and Christian Bible. This is a subject of discussion to followers of Christianity and Catholicism. As we all know, the bible is one of the most important compilations of writings in the entire world. Whatever religious group, the main focus of their teachings and preaches are that of the word of God. The bible has been passed down from generations to generations, from one language to another. Even the recent bibles we have right now are still undergoing translations and revisions; hence, we have different editions and versions. The Christian bible and Catholic bible are two of the most common bibles you can find in bookstores and religious stores worldwide. Both have had a certain amount of revision in the past years.

What is the Catholic Bible?

The Catholic Bible in the early days was actually not one book; it was a whole library of books from writings to historical events referring to the religion. The stories of Jesus and his apostles and their lives after Jesus died on the cross were part of the bible. Stories about their struggles and the difficulties they had encountered in spreading Catholicism was among them. It was not until the late 4th century that the books were compiled to create one volume.

The Catholic, as a church, kept some of the life stories and scriptures that were deemed inappropriate by other religious groups. The church uses the bible as their way to see God and by following what the bible tells us is essential. However, aside from the bible, the Catholic Church believes in the teachings of traditional catholic belief. The belief in purgatory and the adoration of Mary are a few of the many teachings in Catholic that have no direct reference or substantial weight in the bible. These preaching and teachings are the things that are being questioned by other religions.

What is the Christian Bible?

The Christian bible underwent canonization of the doctrines or books. This canonization is a process of selecting which books should stay and become part of the Bible. The Christians have selected only those they deemed was God’s words and left out the stories and doctrines purely made by man himself. That means, Christians have included only what is thought to be God’s word in the Bible. A canonization does not occur in just one sitting, but rather it happens over the years.

Difference Between Catholic and Christian Bible

Holy Bible Holman Christian Standard

The Christian bible, on the other hand, has selected the finest parts of the doctrines and believes that only the Bible can dictate someone’s faith. The Christians do not believe in saint worship and even Mother Mary is not being praised by Christians because the bible does not dictate it.

What is the difference between Catholic and Christian Bible?

Catholics declare they are the true followers of the religion. So, does Christians. They have their different beliefs. These beliefs are shown in their Bibles as the Bible is the Holy Scripture they follow. All their faith is concentrated in this book. Therefore, Catholic and Christian Bible are both important.

• Catholic Bible in addition to God’s words kept some life stories, scriptures, and events in the Bible.

• Christian bible has selected the finest parts of the doctrines and beliefs which were deemed God’s word.

The Bible itself was been revised and edited by multiple authors that the truth of the word might have been misinterpreted along the way. This is the common issue that arises when the Bible is brought into topic. The only thing that keeps a religious group together is the faith and belief that they have for their bible.


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