Difference Between Catholic Church and Protestant Church

Catholic Church vs Protestant Church

Both Catholic and Protestant are religions which comprises the most number of followers or believers in the entire world. Both believe in Jesus and His dying on the cross for our sins. There are a lot of differences that travel along both religions confusing many as to who is telling the truth. Both religions have tried over the years to find a common ground but both have strong faith and belief that one could not change the other.

The Catholic Church has had a rich and colorful history that stretched on for decades. The apostles and Christian converts have traveled across the world to spread the word of God and in doing so, spreading Catholicism. The religion spread quickly like wildfire and their main belief is that the church was founded by Jesus Christ. The church has had many struggles during the early Christianity days and was lessened accordingly during the legalization of the church by the Emperor Constantine I. The Catholic Church believes that Sunday was the first day of worship, hence, Sunday until today is considered the first day of the week. Because the early Christianity was loosely organized, it resulted to different interpretations of the word of God.

The Protestant Church began in the late 1500’s. They were actually part of the Catholic Church when they decided to separate from the church. The separation was caused by differences in beliefs and interpretations. They believed the church was doing something wrong with their practices and teachings. They protested with the doings of the church and believed that the only source of wisdom is the Bible and not tradition and historical individuals. This group of protestors built their own church and taught with ways they thought was right and truthful.

The main differences between two groups are the issue on authority. The Catholic Church believes in the word of God through the Bible and its tradition. They believe in many of the doctrines of the Catholic Church to be as equally binding to that of the word of God. The Catholics believe in purgatory, praying to saints, adoration and worship of Mary the mother of Christ. Although almost all of those practices have no significant basis in the Bible, the Catholics believe that both the Bible and traditions play an important role in the salvation of mankind.

The Protestants on the other hand believe that only the Bible has the authority or what they call “Sola Scriptura”. They believe that the word of God alone should be the only source of our faith and that traditions are inconsequential. They do not worship the Virgin Mary for she is simply the physical mother of Christ. The Protestants believe that there are books in the Catholic Bible that are not blessed by God to become His word therefore they should be removed.

There have been a lot of heated discussions between both religious groups. There are more differences that can be cited as both fight for what they believe is right and true. The bottom line here is your faith. Regardless of which religious group you are affiliated with, it all boils down to your personal faith. Whether you believe in a supreme being or a real person who was sacrificed on the cross for our salvation, your faith should stand firm.

In brief:

- Both Catholic Church and Protestant church believe in the word of God through the Bible.

- The main difference is Catholic Church believes in tradition and doctrines whereas Protestant church does not believe those.

- Catholics believe in purgatory, praying to saints and worship of Mary. Protestants do not believe in those and for them Mary is only the physical mother of Jesus.

- Protestant Church also believes that some books in the Catholic Bible are not blessed by God hence to be removed.