Difference Between Cause and Effect

Cause vs Effect

Cause and Effect is a continuous series of actions which rationally follows from one action to the other. Almost all the circumstances in our lives have been under these two notions. They are also inseparable, meaning, when there is a cause there would be an effect and vice versa.


Cause is anything which makes an event or another thing to happen. This is usually the first one that happens. In any given event or situation, you can discover or figure out the cause of it by asking the question why it occurred? And/or how did it manifest? And in times of misfortunes, one would probably ask the same questions that were stated here.


Effect is the after-effect or outcome of the causes. This thing is what happens next. Effect can not possibly come into existence without any possible cause. It’s always been and would be. Asking what happen is the common question that you should ask in order for you to know what the effect is. Even though effect comes last before cause, effect is the first thing that can be noticed.

Difference between Cause and Effect

You can arrive at the cause of something by asking related questions like “why” and “how” that thing or that event occurs whereas to arrive at the effect of a certain event, you can only use the question “what happen”. A very typical sample of this one is the question why the sky is blue? It is due to the air molecules that spreads blue light more than red light from the sun. The cause is the latter and the effect is the former.

In terms of adversity, people commonly dwell on the cause and regretting it which is more or less not advisable by the psychologists. The focus should be on the effect and how to cure or mend it and leave the past (cause) behind.

In brief:

• Cause is the first thing that happens in an event while effect is the last thing that happens. Effect is the outcome of the cause.

• Cause can be figured out by asking the questions how it happens and why it happens. Effect on the other hand can be discovered by asking the question what happen.

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